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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

eMemory Lane

The products of random mining through IM logs

mads t r e t c h: montana
gdariusjr: WTF
gdariusjr: i haven't seen that word in a long time
gdariusjr: that word is up there with Ghettysburg
gdariusjr: and Encyclopedia Britanica
mads t r e t c h: HAHAHAHAHHA
mads t r e t c h: platypus
gdariusjr: yah good good
gdariusjr: Carl Weathers
mads t r e t c h: jason priestly
gdariusjr: mayam bialick
mads t r e t c h: haha
mads t r e t c h: tempest bledsoe
gdariusjr: Ryan Mroz <>

mads t r e t c h:
Ya know what I love?
GordonBShumway: little cheetahs?
mads t r e t c h: well, yes
mads t r e t c h: but also
GordonBShumway: fat black men?
mads t r e t c h: ha, not exclusively
GordonBShumway: pirate treasure?
GordonBShumway: aka booty?
GordonBShumway: i like this game

ike spivey: cute girl, kind of a drag
ike spivey: also, I'm from the 60's
ike spivey: and often use terms like drag

mads t r e t c h: but now, need to go home
mads t r e t c h: bed
mads t r e t c h: which i apparently think of as my "home"

mads t r e t c h: how were the birthday festivities last night?
ike spivey: drunken
ike spivey: there's much to elaborate on, but it makes the Drew look bad
mads t r e t c h: sounds like good storyness
ike spivey: well...
ike spivey: I just got home from dropping a girl off
mads t r e t c h: hahahahhaha
ike spivey: no clue what her name is
ike spivey: oh man, I have to drive to philly at 12, I've never wanted to do anything less in my life
mads t r e t c h: sounds like you need gatorade, multivitamins, popeyes, and lots and lots of coffee
ike spivey: your ideas intrique me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter

LKE16: ok
LKE16: im gonna go do something with me damn life
LKE16: like
LKE16: shower
LKE16: and
LKE16: do laundry
LKE16: and
LKE16: figure out what to wear tomorrow

normcdnld: pee pee
normcdnld: i love saying that, a lot
mads t r e t c h: freud would have a lot to say about that
normcdnld: then i'd karate kick his face off
normcdnld: then he wouldnt have anything at all to say, cause he couldnt
mads t r e t c h: meany
normcdnld: yeah right i'm a ninja its what i do

Raando23: how have you been?
mads t r e t c h: can't complain
mads t r e t c h: ya know, livin the nova life, so, hustlin, makin dat paper, the usual
Raando23: sure, sure
Raando23: so, how long have you been living in falls church?
Raando23: because you've got the lingo down pat
mads t r e t c h: fightin' word #1 in under 30 seconds of conversation, new record?
Raando23: haha, i mean, we could be wandering the desert 40 years down the road and we'd run into each other and you'd say "so, at some point, you looked at that shirt and said 'hey, this looks like a good idea'"

Raando23: i can't imagine you with a dumber guy
Raando23: god help you if i ever see you dating one
Raando23: because that scene won't be pretty

mads t r e t c h: e.g., this whole schiavo fiasco
Raando23: yeah
Raando23: and the steroids thing
Raando23: are you telling me that's the most pressing issue facing this country?
Raando23: can you say "smokescreen?"
mads t r e t c h:
i could, but you wouldn't be able to read it through the smoke
Raando23: well played


Blogger ike said...

ahh! my spot... it's been blown up!!!1

Just you wait, I have much Amanda material...
hmm... Amanterial? Mattosial? Materios?
Mmm... Honey Nut Materios...

What was I talking about again?

3:28 PM  

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