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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Champaign, Tapas, and Noise Violations

Another eventful weekend in the illustrious life of Amanda Mattos. I hit several different levels of the social spectrum this weekend. Why don't you sit a spell, and find out about it!

Friday, Friday, Friday!
Durring the day, Liz and I still weren't sure if we were gonna try and go to the Fiery Furnaces/Dios Malos show, but we knew we wanted to cap off the evening at liberation dance party. The night did not end up having anything in common with either of those plans. Sometime durring the work day I got a message from one miss Jamie Chiriboga that she was in town for the weekend, and heading out in Adam's Morgan. Well, awesome! Liz and Jenna were on board with the Adam's Mo plans. Ruddock, Stephanie and I cabbed it out to preparty with midget and some of her friends in Woodley Park. We ended up beating the midge to the party, so we (and the vodka in stephanie's purse, and the soco & lime in rachel's) walked on up to Adam's Morgan to a lounge/bar called Bossa. We were, apparently feeling celebratory. Before Jenna & Liz joined us, we were living it up with a bottle of champaign and some delicious tapas. One bottle turned into three, three girls turned into six, the friendly patrons turned into skeevy old men, and we were on our way to bar #2. We wanted to meet JamieCh and her pals at Reef, but the bar was aparently so packed, we got put in a holding room more or less. So on to Roxanne it was. Roooooooooooooxanne! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd Bull! Sooooooooooooocoooooooooooooo! Yeah, this is where the night starts to fall off a bit. We were both buying and making soco and lime shots (from Rachel's stash). I got to hear all about Jamie's adventures in Cali, and the ties that bind her to VA ;) And then, RBVManda came out and well, yeah. We went to the Blue Room and met up with some Italians. Jenna and I danced danced danced (allegedly). People made out. We went for jumbo slices. As I stood in line for jumbo slices, a british guy walked up to me and goes "How many pieces do you need?" "Three!" "OK." Comes back about 30 seconds later with three jumbo slices. MAGIC! We bonded with all our international imports outside the pizza place (the chemical slice place, as Jenna claims), then finkled on home for a no pants/pass out party - but not before I decided to throw away my contacts.


Saturday, Saturday, Saturday!
I hopped from Liz's bed to Jenna's around 10am. Shortly thereafter, we discovered that it was the most gloriously beautiful day possible. Liz was still in "Phase 1" (Drink water! Go back to bed!), so Jenna and I ventured out into the city on our own. Having, so wisely, thrown away my contacts before bed on Friday, my field of vision was very limited, so the whole afternoon was kind of dream-statey. Might have been, even if I'd been blessed with vision. We walked around and found the greatest little French cafe. We sat outside and enjoyed cappucinos and cokes, crepes and lox. The patrons were all grade A for people watching and hipstering. Our waitor was a real trip. When I asked for change for my $20, he said, "Oh, I fear change." Hilarious. We worked our way back home, where Liz was still about Phase 1.5 so Jenna, Luna and I headed out to my place. We had a really lovely afternoon of planting floweres in my window box, writing cover letters for Jenna, and grocier shopping. Seriously, it was a really fun day. Cause I'm a million. Anyhow, clock was tickin around and it was about time to get ready for Tony & Felicia's housewarming party. Their place looks so great, Felicia did such an amazing job. It was a really nice evening (that turned into a bit of an eventful night with the less-couth guests causing some drama), but all in all their house has been sufficiently warmed.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!
After getting back to my mom's house to crash at six a.m., Liz and I slept till 2pm. Whoopsies :) We had a very European-style breakfast, then helped my mom out in the yard by picking up sticks, or, making faggots. We sang the vitamin d/bundling sticks song, and as you can imagine, made many many jokes about making faggots ("Liz only kept the pretty ones, she put all the ugly sticks in my faggot." "And the crooked ones."). We also had an epiphany and made the connection between Sunny Delight (Sunny D) and Vitamin D/the sun. Fantastic! It was about time to go retrieve our cars, so mom gave us a ride back to Reston. She got to meet Ottis & Missy, and is now officially in love. The party aftermath was just about cleared away, so my mom thought it would be an appropriate time to drop a case of beer in the parking lot. Ha. The fun just doesn't stop! Liz and I sat around for a while, picking at their Chipotle (before procuring our own), and discussing very important issues, like whether Otis will try and hump Missy when he's older, or if Tony was a dog, whether he'd want to hump Missy. It was a lovely day out on the porch, a relaxing end to an eventful couple of days. Around dusk, we all packed in in and called it a weekend.


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