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Friday, April 08, 2005

What to do, where I've been, and other stories

As I went to write this post, I noticed that one of the color chips i used to make a frame around a poster in my office is missing! Jack Kerouac as photographed by Allen Ginsberg may slowly leak beyond frame if I don't do something about this quickly....

In other news, anybody interested in checking out the DC International Film Festival? Seems like a pretty cool thing to do.

It's a pretty gloomy day thus far. I know this because I am writing this from the vantage point of an office with WINDOWS! The scenic scapes of lovely Tysons Corner, VA lay out before me. The mysteries of Greensboro Drive, Route 7, and the Tower shopping center (Pike 7 Plaza) evade me no more!

It always kind of seems odd to me that Tysons Corner is actually a city on its own. I've always considered it the mall adjascent to Vienna, and not much else. Does anyone else ever wonder why there's no apostrophe in the name? I'm fairly certain that the name refers to some dude named Tyson who owned this whole piece. Give me my apostrophe, dammit! I couldn't find anything very conclusive about the history of Tysons Corner online, so my quest continues. I'll keep you posted.

I'm moving a little slow this morning, stayed up too late last night. I watched an oh so great episode of...hey, bet you can guess!

The crystal egg from Risky Business, a long overdue Summer "Ewe!", seeing Ben McKenzie sans-shirt (um, whoa, who knew?!), self-referentiality to the pilot with the whole tie-tying scene

& the ryan giving marissa his jacket scene,

some delicious near-moments with Ryan and Marissa, Seth as wingman (that key thing was hilarious), bloc party's "banquet," ....yeah, that's about it. But, hey, this is good stuff here, people! Anyhow, following my romp in orange county, I met Jess up at Whitlows for an evening of mad high run ins, and meeting a host of odd and random dudes. And NOT running into Jon Henry, as I would have liked to do. Then I came home, and after much hedging, decided to fall asleep to Varsity Blues. Then woke up (late) to a report on the Today Show about a Texas high school football coach getting shot by a player's parent. Yeesh.

I had a lovely lunch with Cowden yesterday, I can't believe how long it had been since we hung out. I'd like to also wish BECKY KINLEIN a belated happy birthday, happy birthday today to DAN CRENSHAW, and happy birthday tomorrow to BABY KULL. I love you all, and you know this. OK, back to my professional persuits. Have a lovely day.


Anonymous becky said...

Thank you for your belated birthday wish. This is a belated thank you, since I was out of town until about 12 hours ago. Also thank you for the Peep related newsstories--you are ever vigilant.
Love, BK

10:13 AM  

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