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Monday, November 14, 2005

So we meet again

That phrase is fresh in my head as I recently hung out with Molly Harkin, infamous for uttering it from the staircase at 14-ho-1 2nd year the morning after one college-crazy night or another. My deepest appologizes for the prolonged absence of s t r e t c h ing. What can I say, there are times when I have to leave the keyboard. It's sad, especially for you music fans out there, but it's true. Kidding, I'll leave musical key-tapping to Tyler (and these days, Jill), and I'll stick to the nerdy kind, that involves a lot of ctrl+alt commands.

While this weekend was very busy, it did not - I repeat, did not - involve a lot of drinking. Believe me, I was as shocked as you are. I gave it the old college try on Friday night, but within moments of alcohol enterming my system, I felt dizzy and almost fell over. Whoa there! WTF? After cabbing it home and tucking in early, I diagnosed myself with being completely exhausted, and a little dehydrated, from my severely taxing week of work. I am, ladies and gentlemen, getting old.

To further prove the getting-old-ness of me, I felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment as I (with the help of WonderMom) finally assembled my filing cabinet on Saturday. For anyone that's been to my house anytime from when I moved in a year ago to last Friday, that's what was in the huge box on my porch. Yep, that's right! I now have the ability to file - look out! An organizeds t r e t c h is a dangerous stretch, so mind your p's and q's. (Quick etymology search after typing that). I also had lunch and saw Chicken Little with Samina, WonderRoomate of yore, got some face time in with John Lane, home from Army travels abroad, and stayed in and watched movies with Andrew. Re: me getting old. Sunday I was a lady who lunches, with moms (mine and Beth's) and Beth. We went to Brio where I had another unspeakably good meal. That place is fantastic.

I penned the weekly music agenda over at DCist. Check it out. I'll be heading up to B'more Saturday to see Hot Hot Heat with Club Canada. I also want to catch that Andrew Bird show on Thursday, but I don't know if I'm willing to settle for yet another week of not seeing The OC in real time. Speaking of The OC, tonight the "real" OC, Laguna Beach, wraps up its season. Those crazy kids and their antics, to whatever level of truth they actually show, have really enthralled me this year. I've sat through countless conversations about "well is it real? it can't be real!," but here's the thing: remember how you talked and acted and reacted when you were 17? It was JUST as vapid and hilarious as these guys. The parties may be planned, the conversations may be choreographed, but these are undoubtedly real high school kids. They're too stupid not to be. And I love it!! I wonder if Alex M. drops any weight when she leaves home. Baby girl has chunked UP over this season. We will now return to your regularly scheduled trash-talk-free zone.

In scary news, Liz got mugged on Friday night. Right outside her place. Apparently there's been a rash of robberies in her neighborhood lately, which doesn't make the whole incident any easier to swallow. Poor little stinker! I'll be traveling over there tonight to keep her company and adore the beautiful face of Wentworth Miller durring Prison Break. Last night's ladies tv night with Jayne, Jess and special guest Cat was so much fun. Grey's Anatomy is still holding steady as my favorite show of the moment. 2: The OC. 3: Gilmore Girls. 4: Prison Break. 5: Lost. Those are the shows that I'll actually plan things around, or go out of my way to *tape* (as our cable remote is currently on the injured reserves list, and we're awaiting its replacement in the mail; we should have about 5-0 business days left, which leaves me without the ability to DVR). I may seem like a literary and music focused hipster at times, but I'm still that brain-melting tv addict you all know and love. Fret not.

OK, ramble over. It's almost quittin' time. Happy Monday peoplettes!


Blogger Washington Cube said...

Blog breaks are good. Look at all that you got done.

8:38 AM  

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