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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Every "cool" person on the internet already knows this, but

Grizzly Bear is totally awesome. I saw their name on pretty much every best of '06 list, and much like every just about every other band on there, shrugged without recognition as I watched my days of hip in-the-knowness pass me by. But I picked up a copy of Yellow House when I was in Austin and yowza, I'm really glad. It's kind of like Animal Collective, Sufjan Stevens, The Beach Boys and CSNY rolled into one. So, not thronging rock, but if you like your melodies and haunting orchestration, check this one out.


Blogger Jamie Mottram said...

I concur. GB totally reminds me of Brian Wilson shit and I can't wait to see them in DC early March.

If anyone besides s t r e t c h is reading this, download 'The Knife' now!

10:23 AM  

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