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Friday, January 05, 2007

I really hope you're all right about Battlestar Galactica

Because I just ordered the miniseries, season one, season 2.0 and season 2.5 on DVD off of Amazon. I'm not sure what kind of brain hemmorage I am having that makes me think this is the best plan, but, my rationale goes something like this:
  • Many many people whose opinions I respect absolutely love this show. So, I probably will too.
  • When I watch TV on DVD, I consume it really, really quickly. So if I do, in fact, enjoy the first bits, having to wait for more would likely kill me.
So yeah... I'm gonna like it, right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so good you begin to question your own rational judgment. You begin to ask crazy questions: How can a sci-fi channel show about spaceships and killer robots be this jaw-droppingly good? What kind of person actually likes a show like this--much less actually admits to it in public? And, oh my God, is Baltar really a Cylon???? It's a sickness, really. But the show is good.

8:52 PM  

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