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Friday, January 04, 2008

Internet, Meet Carol

This morning, Kriston left me this message, unexplained: "You know, I did not believe Mitchell was a real person."

Internet friends, Mitchell is very real. See evidence here. But it got me to thinking, I should totally invent a wacky make believe friend and attribute strange stories to her on le blogstretch. Naturally, I discussed this idea with the most obvious cohort: Mitchell. So, here you have it. The first (and, probably last) installment in the Adventures of Carol, by Mitchell & Amanda:

Mitchell: Carol sounds great!
ok....sample blog entry:
"the other day Carol and I were hanging out in her loft apartment when I noticed something in the corner....

me: you're gonna say something about rambo, aren't you?

Mitchell: she had a life size Johnny 5 model that she had apparently built from old scrap metal she found at the junkyard
where she works
that carol!"
I think this could work

me: we should give carol a theme song

Mitchell: carol doesn't go anywhere without her walkman and her favorite tape
which is......
the Batman Forever Soundtrack
she keeps playing and then rewinding that Seal song
every once in a while she flips the tape and listens to the U2 song, but mostly Seal
that Carol!
she's wacky

me: She's such a hoot!

Mitchell: remember when she worked at hooters
for like a week
and she got fired for ......

me: deep frying her walkman headphones

Mitchell: That's it!
I can't believe I forgot that
it was happy hour on a thursday, and it was wing night, and the manager asked her to take her headphones off, there was a struggle, and her headphones got fried
that was the end of her tenure there

me: that manager always had it out for carol though

Mitchell: since day one

me: Remember that time she decided to hitch hike across northern virginia?

Mitchell: poor carol, until her junkyard job she's never been able to hold a job for more than a few weeks
she was on way too much acid that day

me: Yeah. She had WAY too much fun in old town fairfax.

Mitchell: she was partying for like a week straight with her friends from her viking reenactment troop

me: And then she sat on the caboose in Vienna for 3 hours, thinking she had caught her next ride. That's where Buster found her.

Mitchell: and he took her to dunkin donuts to sober up
god she loves dunkin donuts coffee

me: Carol's got good taste when it comes to java.
Pizza toppings though, no way!
She's like a teenage mutant ninja turtle. She puts the craziest shit on her pizza!

Mitchell: I think one day she had a pinapple, mushroom, black olive white pizza
it was totally gnarly


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