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Monday, January 21, 2008

Surprisingly Delicious

A few months ago I mistakenly threw a Milford Valley Farms chicken breast with tomatillo in my grocery basket while stocking up on frozen burritos. It's been sitting in my freezer ever since. Tonight, I finally decided to bake it up and, hey! It was actually really good! Not a culinary masterpiece, but, way better than standard frozen fare, by leaps and bounds. And I think that's mainly because of the absence of one thing: red peppers. For some reason, people who make frozen foods feel compelled to include red peppers in everything they make, and as a result, most frozen foods taste exactly the same. I like raw red peppers as a veggie snack, but keep them out of my prepared foods. But back to the original thought: this Milford Valley Farms chicken breast was a welcome surprise on an evening when I thought that I'd be eating cheese and orange slices for dinner.


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