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Thursday, February 07, 2008

The new Missy Elliot video, however

Features all sorts of colorful high tops and the fly dancing and cuts between settings we've come to expect from Misdemeanor throughout her career.Oh my gosh! Mimes! Mimes with white sneakers as mime gloves! And DDR. These ninja clown baseball player people are kinda creepy, but my god I love Missy Elliot. The song's not that hot actually, but the video is of the highest quality. WHOA, it just became a completely different song and video. New beat and house party setting. Am I liveblogging my response to a music video? I think I am. I have so many new dance moves to learn. Namely how to "shake it like a pom pom."

I'd embed the video, but youtube seems to have about 37 different videos for Ching-A-Ling, none of which appear to be the one I just saw. Oh! Here it is. Apparently I'm supposed to watch it with 3-D glasses.


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