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Friday, June 20, 2008

The exciting life I lead

Last night I decided to officially take a night off and stay in. I've had a very busy social schedule as of late, so I needed a night on the couch. I watched Broken English, an annoying New York movie starring Parker Posey ("aaaah! I'm willowy and damaged and drink a lot and don't want to be pigeonholed by my career!") and a handsome French guy ("I am a better person by virtue of my not being from this country"), about how desperately depressing it is to be single, and how desperately terrifying the world and life are, but if you meet a hot Frenchie at a party and don't fuck him until the next day, you will find love and happiness and everything will be fixed. Also: go to Paris. Seriously, the message that you're a whore who doesn't deserve a boyfriend if you put out on the first date (including kissing) was offensively heavy handed. Also, the message that men want "challenging" women (bitches) who are crazy and broken and can be fixed by them.

After that, I watched 3 hours of dance competition reality television. It was way, way superior. I am officially in love with So You Think You Can Dance. For real. You may have noticed a trend of late, what with me obsessing over Step Up 2: The Streets and stuff like that, but dancing is so hot right now. Well, always was, really. Also, for the record, Chelsea T looks like a black Liza Minelli, and the dancers on SYTYCD put the dancers on America's Best Dance Crew to shame. But Lil Mama is way less annoying as a host than that shrieky Mary woman. (Although she does give good feedback. But the squealing thing, it's not cute.)

Right now: I'm eating tremendously bad Chinese food and thinking about the massage I'm having in 4 hours, scheduled out of necessity because I can barely move. Stupid sciatic nerve. You are such an asshole. But then! Dinner date with L.Mel followed potentially by Hirshorn After Hours and/or drinking.


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