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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Keep up the good work

This morning I read this City Paper story about the difference between Ehtiopian and Eretrian food as I sipped on a delicious macchiato at the Big Bear. I don't know the difference between the two, I said to myself! I'm looking forward to hearing what it is! (Especially with my newfound interest in Ethiopian food.) Here's the head/subhead:

More than spice you say?! Interesting! OK, I'll read on. And read on I did, through some vaguely interesting anecdotes about the writer's visits to a few different restaurants. Right up until the payoff:

So, it comes down to.... spices. Awesome. Thanks! Earlier this week, also at the cafe, I saw a blurb on the front page of the Washington Post about something in the sports section. The article was about Gilbert Arenas, and the teaser said something along the lines of, "So where has he been all season? That's a good question." I'm going to adopt that style into my writing. "So what does that mean for other local bands? I'm glad you asked, Amanda." My point is: copy editors around this city need to start paying more attention.


Blogger Blogs t r e t c h said...

Yes, I realize I have a typo in my post about careless editing. But I don't have a copy editor, and I bring this shit to you people for FREE! And also, blogger is having some sort of enormous brain fart right now and won't let me edit the post. So, um... hey! Over there! Behind you!

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