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Friday, November 18, 2005

Guest Blogger: Tyler Cash!

Tyler has a new job down in Cville and it's in an office and stuff. We have witty email exchanges throughout the day (well actually, most of the wit is on his end, and my responses are like "Ha! You're so funny! That's awesome!). Anyhow, this morning's email was "My Blog." In email form, to me. But it was some grade A ranty goodness (with a liberal slant, appologizes for partisanship, to my conservative readers), so here you are: Deep thoughts from the brain of Tyler Cash.

1. my room (new room, was forced to move out of bigger room so that my roomate, who i am starting to really not like at all, could invite his friend to live with us. 5 people in a 4 person place = right)... is freezing cold.

2. i wonder if i will ever serve jury duty. i kind of want to.

3. i keep visuallizing strange but fun things, like someone in a mickey mouse costume getting beat with baseball bats by little kids. or trying to swim in a huge indoor swimming pool filled with nothing but paper.

4. drinking the night before work makes me feel, initially, like i have slept for about 40 minutes the night before. then i snap out of it, although i am somewhat more stupid-feeling than usual.

5. since i work at the army, surrounded by army people, i keep thinking about how in my mind, it seems like before the red scare of the 50's, the army seemed so less serious. picture those old news reels or disney cartoons or whatever, where they're like (in extreme 40's Naaaaa see! See here copper! voice) talking about soldiers happily lining up to duty, with some of them smiling, some of them goofing off, etc - Now our boys are all set. Look at Captain Johnson of the 43rd infantry. Come on boys, lets bring it home for the big one! Colonel Pete Abernathy of Oklahoma City writes a letter to his sweetheart, Judy. And there's mischievous Private Frank Patterson, up to his antics and having a good old time riling up the drill seargent, all the live long day! etc, continue old-timey corny hoo-rah cliche lingo, etc etc etc.

7. continuing from point six - did you hear that dude murtha yesterday? calling for immediate withdrawal, etc, bush calling everyone who questions him (seriously though - he admitted that he talks directly to god, so why should we question him, and remember that Time interview? where he couldn't think of one thing he's done wrong as president? ever?) irresponsible. right. it makes me so furious sometimes thinking about how they can seriously do whatever the FUCK they WANT and get away with it. and how dare people question them. i'd love to question bush and cheney in a room where they are tied down and i get to push a button that causes extreme genital pain everytime they're being pompous, unreasonable, or cocky.

8. is 24 younger than it seems? do i feel old? sometimes i feel like i'm 19 still. sometimes i can't believe what the fuck happened to childhood.


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