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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

St John Tropical Awesome Vacation

That's from the last day. Many more videos and photos up at flickr. Catherine is going to do a long detailed blog of our trip, but I'll just hit the high points:
  • St John is amazing and one of the best vacations I've ever taken and just breathtakingly beautiful. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
  • Maho Bay was a really cool place to stay. I might look into other reasonably priced options if I go back, like places that maybe have hot showers and fewer spiders, but really it was great and I would absolutely go again. I sort of loved having a cabin full of lizards. Lizards are pretty awesome.
  • The island is 2/3 national park. Which means it's incredibly beautiful and, compared to some other caribbean destinations, relatively untouched.
  • It's expeeeeeeeeensive to each/drink. The food is thorougly mediocre. Not a foodie destination. Bring some snacks. Buy some peanut butter. Drink lots of light beer.
  • If you go, RENT A JEEP. It made the whole trip better. Driving was a SERIOUS ADVENTURE and SO MUCH FUN. Having our own mode of transport made us able to really make it our own personalized trip and explore places at our own pace. And our trusty ride from L&L Jeep drove like a dream.
  • I LOVE SNORKELING. It is my new favorite thing. I am fantasizing now about getting certified to scuba dive. It's a whole different world under there, and St John apparently has some of the most magnificent snorkeling there is. My mind was completely and thoroughly blown. Sea turtles! Sting rays! An octopus' arm! Barracudas! More amazingly cool, unbelievable fish than I can count! CORAL! Oh my GOD the coral! So many kinds!
  • This vacationw as so wonderful. I feel totally refreshed. We had beautiful perfect weather. It has washed away the memories of my ill-fated trip to Mexico. Catherine and I had a faaaaaaabulous time and I would (and plan to!) go back to St John, or some of the other Virgin Islands.
  • Sadly this trip caused us to miss Kriston & Lana's birthday party. Happy birthday guys!
  • Thanks for the airport shuttling, Josh!
  • Thanks for feeding Stinker, roomates!
  • I love vacation!