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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween is great

Especially when you work in the Creative Department (captial C, capital D). My office has spent the last 40 minutes or so figuring out the best way to capture Batman and an Incredible running down the hall, capes flying. When was the last time you heard "OOH! SCOOTER CAM!" at your office? Pics from our halloween festivities can be found here.

Also awesome: The new Comedy Central Insider blog. It's already informed me that Osama bin Laden has officially endorsed Jim Webb for Senate, and introduced me to the "most inportant trivia game ever."

I never thought I'd be so bummed about just seeing the Decemberists

The scene: 4:30pm, yesterday. Catherine informs me of the super secret just announced Beck show, to be on the Black Cat's back stage at midnight. Tickets: on sale at 9pm.


Since the two of us were already going to the Decemberists show, we thought, "wow! how perfect! we'll wait in line for Beck tickets, scoot on over to 9:30, see the Decemberists, then come back to the Black Cat just in time for the show. GREAT!"

Along with line-waiter #1 Kriston, we held our excellent position for aprox. 3 hours, only to find out that once you pay your Beck money and get your Beck stamp, you can't leave the Black Cat. We would have had to given up the already-paid-for Decemberists tickets and sat in the Red Room for three hours. So we went to the 9:30 club.

The Decemberists were fantastic, but Kyle's write up of Beck makes it sound like that show wasn't too shabby either. At least he didn't play Debra, otherwise I'd be cry, cry, cryin my day away.

Monday, October 30, 2006

I need some brown flats

So that I can avoid situations like the one I'm currently in. Where I'm wearing a brown dress and tights with boots. I like boots, especially brown boots, and own about 5 pairs. But I'm affraid in some contexts, such as today's ensemble, it makes me look a little like a crazy art teacher. And, kinda slutty. So, ah, anybody seen cute brown flats for sale lately?

Good Luck or a Cosmic Joke?

When you're absurdly, illogically affraid of bugs, the whole "lady bugs bring good luck" thing is a bit of a hard sell. But I'm going to have to start believing it, cause those bitches are all over me. Ever since the ladybug dorm invasion of 2000, I can't get away. When strangers on the street make comments about how I must have good luck, cause oh look! A ladybug on your arm!, it's hard to not start swatting and keep a polite smile. Why yes, yes I am so very lucky! Something I'm kind of terrified of is sitting on me! That's fantastic! Walking to grab a sandwich today, a veritable ladybug swarm rose up around me. I made it through the cloud with just one bug attached, and when I got to the sandwich shop, was, of course, told how lucky I am.

Holding Far Steadier than Before

I realize I that I never wrote a full send up of my Seattle trip. But one thing I must comment on before too much time passes by is seeing The Hold Steady.

Previously I was more in the Ryan camp than I was aligned with the DCeiver or the Pygs and their undying devotion to all things Craig Finn. Separation Sunday never really did it for me. The new album had me tapping my toes and singing along a lot more, so when Alan told me he'd gotten us tickets to see them play in Seattle, I was pleased. Especially considering how worship-worthy their last show in DC was.

Now, you can consider me a Hold-Steady-devotee. That was one of the most incredible shows I've ever seen. There aren't enough things I could say about Finn's effusive, energetic, emotional, physical, electric presence. In addition to being a tight, strong band, they were also there to host a party for everyone in the crowd. They brought the fun. In a major way. Everything you've heard is true, and you should rush to get tickets to their 11/25 show at the Black Cat.

The best part of the colder months

Is finding money from last year in coat pockets. I just found $8!

Friday, October 27, 2006

"Sweet As Pie"

Is, apparently, a very common phrase. That I swear I never heard until a few months ago when Sommer used it, to describe her dentist. Since then, I've heard it approximately 42 times. It makes perfect sense, so I assume it really is a known phrase and not just something tons of people decided to start saying. But... is it? Is "sweet as pie" something you all grew up hearing?

Oh, and as long as we're discussing phraseology, the subject line for the latest Tower Records newsletter made me giggle. "Rock out with your wallet out!" Also, could be interepreted as part of the reason behind the chain's closure.

I need you so much closer

Everytime I listen to "Transaltanticism," I can't help but think damn! Do songs get much better than this? It never comes to mind when I'm thinking of favorite songs, but it definitely should. That slow build just kills me. And nobody sells outright love like Ben Gibbard. If I were in a long distance relationship I'd probably listen to this song about 87 times a day.

Not Even Trying Anymore

It's not news, but MTV has fully turned for the salacious. I started reading this post about their new reality series, which follows young couples planning their weddings. I thought, OK, maybe a little TLC for MTV, but could be nice. Then I read the kicker: the couples have to be between 18 and 21. All they're interested is the immature hyjinx found somewhere between the parts of the country where people frequently get married when they're 19. Is anyone out there even the least bit interested to watch some recent high school grad cry about flower arrangements? Cause I'm not.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Champaign + Lunch Meeting

= maximum drowsiness. I love a good bubbly send up to our recent success as much as the next guy. But my god am I tired now. Mid-day drinking: never as good an idea as it sounds.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

This Just In: Pitchfork Writers Are Weak

It's not news that Pitchfork is full of hot air, or that they need some serious copy editors (as Kyle's happily been pointing out lately). By no shakes do I claim to be a great music writer either. Occasional music writer yes, great, no. And there surely is a considerable degree of defensiveness in my reaction to this particular Pitchfork piece, since it's about one of my very favorite bands which I know to be comprised of very nice fellows. Very nice, dreamy fellows. So just throw any notion of objectivity out the window.

Disclaimers disclaimed, come on now, Jason Crock. I won't even take this opportunity to make a pun on your name. Let us, instead, meander through the bizarre web of contradictions you've published.

Your first complaint is that people have to pay for this album. Aside from the fact that that makes you sound a bit ridiculous, if you look just above your piece, to the banner ad running above it, you'll notice something. An ad for FREE streaming of the album you're talking about. (At least, that ad was there at the time I read it -- trust me.)

You also go on to talk about how The Walkmen are a perfect fit to cover Nilsson. Then go on to talk about how they were all wrong. I agree there's a certain degree of worthlessness in carbon copy covers, but in my humble opinion, this album avoids most of the trappings you're acusing it of. The songs sound like they could be The Walkmen's own. Isn't that the idea behind a great cover?

You claim to be a fan of the band's, then complain that every song The Walkmen write isn't "The Rat." Or as well orchestrated as their work on Pussycats is. Pussycats -- which you don't like. You purport to be a fan of their live shows, then mock them for playing "illustrious venues like the Bait Shop" (a dig at their performance on The O.C.).

You say this ablum is too stodgy, then recognize the fact that it's a lark. That the band shows up on the album's cover dressed as fruit and other silly costumes.

Then there's the kicker: you complain that this album has no "lost weekend" to justify it -- no spontineity. Then in the greatest, "but wait, actually there was" moment of this piece, you go on to tell the tale of the last days of the band's Marcata studio, when and where the album was recorded, with a host of their friends in a raucus quick experiment for pure fun.

Is Pussycats Starring The Walkmen perfect? No. Is it a damn good tribute with some crazy fun high points? Hell yes. I dare you to sit still while "Loop de Loop" is playing. And Crock's complaint about "Many Rivers to Cross" are just insane. That song is bad. ass. So "Subterranean Homesick Blues" sounds a bit like Kenny Loggins. Everything else is pretty effing great.

Basically, Mr. Crock, I'd just like you to make up your mind. Or at least, sit down and think about your article before you write it. On a site ready by every iPod-weilding hipster across the land. Make sure it makes sense. The tens of people that read this blog don't really mind if my posts make no sense, most of the time at least. But show a little credibility. Try. Please?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I am the boob tube's biggest boob

TV Shows I Can't Figure Out Why I'm Still Watching

  • Gilmore Girls: I'm so very sad to say, it's just lost it's spark entirely. I still care about the characters, so I guess that's why I'm hangin on. But man does the writing suck.
  • Six Degrees: Booorrrring. Crucial factor as to why I'm still watching: in order to see the next week's previews on the DVR, I have to watch the first few minutes of Six Degrees. Then I end up staying to watch the poorly developed characters dawdle through their uninterested plot lines. But, Hope Davis is pretty great.
  • Nip/Tuck: Something's missing this year. It seems to be all shock and no substance this season.
  • Studio 60: Go on -- endear your characters ore. I dare you. And while you're at it -- put ANYTHING funny or substantial in your purportedly genius show.
  • The OC: Yeah, it hasn't started yet. But let's face facts -- this season's likely gonna blow. But I will, undoubtedly, tune in every week. I'm a sucker.
  • Lost: Like Nip/Tuck, it just seems to have lost me. Heh.

Shows that are probably still good that I never see anymore or wish I was watching
  • House
  • Battlestar Galactica: I taped this seasons first few episodes, but never watched bc. I haven't seen the previous seasons. I have no doubt I'd love it, but I fear it'll be a DVDer for me.
  • The Wire: No HBO. *Sigh
But ya know what new shows are really good?
  • Heroes
  • Friday Night Lights
  • The Nine
  • And I've also been enjoying Jericho in an overblown kind of way
  • And Ugly Betty is a campy delight
And ya know what show is still the best?
  • Veronica Mars, of course!
  • Oh, and I'm still in love with The Office
Wow, I just gave everyone proof of how little of a life I actually have. Raise your hand if you're impressed that you've ever seen me outside my house! I'm gonna go... read... books. And talk... to people.... real people!

OK so I'm watching tonight's Gilmore Girls. What of it?

And another note on VMars

As IF you had to do anything -- anything at all -- to increase my undying affection for and dedication to dear Logan. I was ready to dive directly through my television to go and hug him in that last scene. So, uh, good job? Logan's made the progression from Pacey to Angel and it's kind of awesome all around.

Yo, CW -- specifically Gilmore Girls

Note: If you didn't watch VMars tonight, there's a bit of a spoiler below, so don't read on.

What is up with you crossing over actors from one show to another, then having them play brothers of characters with their names from their previous shows? That sentence probably didn't make sense. Perhaps this will help.

Dean, boyfriend to Rory on Gilmore Girls. Gets new gig on Supernatural as Sam Winchester. Brother: Dean Winchester.

Logan Huntsberer, ditto on Rory BF status. Gets new gig on Veronica Mars as super secret hidden half brother of... you guessed it. Logan Echols.

It's just kind of strange. There are many names in this world. That is all.

What am I doing?

Tonight? I can't find my planner, but I have a distinct recollection of scribbled engagements in today's box. So, my internet friends, do we have plans tonight? Anybody? Cause I'd really just like to catch up with this time zone and do lots of laundry. And, obviously, watch Veronica Mars.

Death Cab for Fattie

Why did the Today show play "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" behind a piece on huge babies and the fertility risks associated with obese parents? Anyone?

More thoughts on my WONDERFUL trip to Seattle later. Now everyone go out and buy a copy of Pussycats Starring the Walkmen today!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Happy Trails

I'm off to enjoy the finer points of coffee, flannel and the space needle. See you kids on the flip side. If you have any tips for traveling in Seattle, let me know!

Found Dog

I realize the chances of this working are slimmer than slim, but sometimes the internet is magic. So, tonight a friend found a lovely sweet lady dog in Falls Church, without tags, at 7 and 50. She's clearly somebody's pet, so we want to find her family. If you recognize this dog, get in touch with voxxymia at gmail dot com.

You Know Me Too Well

Regarding his wedding reception:

HJoonP3: i'll try to seat you guys near the bar if i can

If the apocalypse comes, beep me!

I think there's some sort of Buffy renaissance going on. She's been named among the most influential people that never lived. The Florida House residents are currently introducing Mr. Yglesias to the wonder that is Buffy. Conversations have been veering towards all things Whedon moreso than usual lately. And then, there's this.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Perhaps they're not so useless afterall

DCeiver may not want to hear this, but perhaps those pesky little starlings serve a purpose afterall.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Cumpleanos Feliz

Happy birthday to my wonderful, beautiful, silly, very stinky best friend Liz!

On Love and Blue Cheese Dressing

Missed connection at the Vienna Inn. That's all there really is to say about that.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

How To Have a Great Weekend

  • Go out to a delicious dinner at Al Crostino for Alyssa's birthday.
  • Liberate at DC9 in celebration of Alyssa and Liz, and dance the night away with pretty much everyone you know.
  • Get a haircut and feel pretty. Oh so pretty.
  • Go out to a fancy dinner with your dad. Don't go on weird blind dates with his friends' children.
  • Wear a sweater dress. Have your ego boosted.
  • Go to an incredibly happy and fun bloggerific party where people offer you live blogging capabilities from their PDAs.
  • Dance to Prince, Phoenix and Michael Jackson as long as your fancy shoes will let you.
  • Don't take shots of "scotch."
  • Have a delicious french brunch with a cute new couple.
  • Don't wake up early to go to the skins game. Watch from home, sulk, and overcome.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Anybody wanna go to Art Brut?

Catherine and I will be going to see Spinto Band and Art Brut next Tuesday, but apparently, I ordered two tickets through Ticketmaster, and bought two tickets at the black cat. So I have four tickets total. So I have two extras. Who wants 'em?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Two Things

1. SMG is still really freaking adorable.

2. The new maple macciatos at Starbucks are really freaking delicious. Pancakes and coffee rolled into one? Yes please!

Ever Brushed Your Teeth in Barnes & Noble?

Cause I have. It went something like this:

  1. Forgot toothpaste on business trip.
  2. Stayed in the Macintosh Inn, where they have a convenience store stocked to the gills with cup o noodles, but no dental hygeine products.
  3. Stopped at a Giant before my meeting to buy said paste.
  4. Giant had no bathroom.
  5. Took 10 minutes to buy a bottle of water at B&N, because after admitting I had a B&N club card or whatever they're called, couldn't remember which email address I'd registered it under.
  6. Brushed my teeth in B&N. The water was so cold it gave me a brain freeze.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

See Ya

I'll be in beautiful Wilmington, DE for the next 36 hours or so. While I'm gone, enjoy this video written by Jenna Fisher (aka, Pam on The Office). Naturally, my favorite part is Jim kissing that dude on the head. Though I seriously disagree with the "football is gay" part. Finding a guy to date who does like football has been an uphill battle for me in this life. Seriously.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Zuccini Bread

Not as good as it smells, but way better than it sounds.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Welcome Home, Little iBook

My computer has returned from the genius bar! For only $55, I've got a dry machine with a new keyboard. Although, it's slow as shit and the old and weird "clicking on whatever it wants to, deleting whatever it wants to" trick is still around. But, the important thing is that my baby's back! I've got tons of music to listen to! And was finally able to post all the pics I've taken lately -- so take a gander at my flickr page. I'm off to drink beers at a greek festival, and make lots of jokes about walking around a table to get married, a-la-full house.

Friday, October 06, 2006


The elevators are out. Clients are stuck in the lobby. We're stuck on the 9th floor, lunchless.

One thing's for sure: If I walk down those stairs, I'm definitely not walking back up.

My Clever Friends

  • Sommer -- DCist Editor in Chief and generally in-the-know woman of the Web -- was featured on The Intersection this afternoon. Give the podcast a listen.
  • Lost is back and, better than that, so are DCeiver's Pompatus of Lost recaps. Referencing Charles in Charge, The Night Before Christmas, The Watchmen and Ruplestilskin in one go round begs the question -- why aren't you writing for Gilmore Girls this season? The A.S.P. torch would have burned much brighter in your hands it has with the sloppy mess we've gotten so far this year.

A joke for a rainy day

Thank you Alyssa, for reminding me of a perfect rainy day joke.

Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?

Fo drizzle.

A bum in new york told me that joke, while he was trying to sell me the "book" he wrote -- "The Passion of the Shizzle My Nizzle."

On the back -- of the book bound in a plastic report cover -- it said:

"I like the title." -Russell Simmons

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Thoughts pushing THEIR way through the hangover

  • The French Kicks were fantastic. Really. Just the kind of live band I love. Their albums are pretty great too, so go out and buy one. And if you're in Boston, go to their show tomorrow night -- my other favorite band The Walkmen will be playing with them.
  • Text messages from Alan are awesome, especially when they're about Craig Finn marrying the two of us at the Hold Steady show in Seattle. I'm going to Seattle!
  • Portman, take a number. You may be my lookalike, but the lady on the cover of the new Joanna Newsom album, as pointed out by Sir DCeiver, is my twin. Or ancestor. Or something.
  • Watching Veronica Mars with a big group of people who love the show and sing along with the credits (the new, terrible credits) is way more fun than watching it at home with Stinker.
  • Reminds me of the great Back Pack Walk Out at Thoreau. Fight the power!
  • Where is
  • My coffee
  • Where is it
I've got to be kidding me. I can't believe I wrote "they're" instead of "their" in the headline. Wow.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Is Heroes Ripping Off Rushdie?

I haven't read Midnight's Children, so I can't be sure. But this sure makes it sound that way. I've been enjoying Heroes, though it may as well be called Baby X-Men. Anybody that's read Rushdie and seen the show able to weigh in?

I Implore You: Watch Veronica Mars Tonight

If you're a blogstretch reader and not a Veronica Mars fan, you must be exhausted by all of the page space I've devoted to the show. Because tonight is the season 3 premiere, I wanted to take a moment and remind you that there's a reason for all that effusive dedication. This is the one of the best shows on television.

Take your opportunity to jump in while things are just starting up this evening. I've got seasons 1 and 2 on DVD, so once you're hooked, you can borrow for background info. But believe me -- you should be watching this show.

What the woople

Last night I had several dreams, all of them about one thing: the song "All the Young Dudes" by Mott the Hoople. You know, the song they play in the
So okay, I don't want to be a traitor to my generation and all but I don't get how guys dress today. I mean, come on, it looks like they just fell out of bed and put on some baggy pants and take their greasy hair - ew - and cover it up with a backwards cap and like, we're expected to swoon? I don't think so.

scene in Clueless. The dreams were about the song itself, conversations about the song, an argument where Jenna insisted that Lou Reed wrote it originally, a clothing line based on the song, and much, much more. I woke up around 4am thinking whoa, I need to write this down. But I didn't. Anyhow, it's only noteworthy because... why that song? I'm not some die hard Mott the Hoople fan. Do die hard Mott the Hoople fans exist? It's a good song and all, but to thematically drive an entire night's worth of dreams? That's a bit much.

Monday, October 02, 2006

I think Tyler said it best

In response to this, this and this.

Dear Republicans,

Keep doing your 2nd amendment thing. For whatever reason we're not sure, but obviously, it's really going places for society.

Update: Further sarcastic observations of the right later on in that same email thread with T.Cash:

Well, basically, I'd like to share my beliefs with you:

1. bill clinton = adultery. i dont remember much about his presidency, but i don't like him.
2. george bush = a common everyday american man.
3. iraq = 9/11.
4. support the troops.
5. let me keep my gun, because i need it.
6. most of the news/media is liberal.
7. a common practice of the left, is smear campaigning.
8. hillary clinton = the worst!!! can't stand her. not sure why.
9. trust the president (mainly the current one). he talks to god, and questioning that is heresy.
10. support the troops even harder.

keep in mind: we're obviously getting smarter as a nation and human race.