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Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I Recommend

I've been devoting most of my spare blogging moments to Pinna Storm lately, which has left poor old stretchy over here a little neglected. I just cleaned out my purse and was reminded of a few awesome things I want to tell you about so you can bask in the warm rays of awesomeshine too.

Carmex Moisture Plus. I picked it up on a day walking around that I'd forgotten to grab one of the eleventy billion tubes of chapstick at my house before struttin' around U St. This stuff is the 'ish times a million. It's got that good tingly "I'm having an effect" carmexy feeling, but not quite as strong as the original yellow top stuff. PLUS some super awesome moisturizing balmy goodness. Love this.

Lysol Dual Action Disinfecting Wipes. Ever had something caked onto the inside of your microwave you couldn't get off? Or a corner of mildew in the shower you just couldn't scrub at? Or any sort of run of the mill thing that usually requires a lot of elbow grease and weird angle achievement? These bad boys are the answer. The scrubby side is SO SCRUBBY! And they smell pretty good, and I love them. Mine have purple packaging/are purple, so look for that at the store.

Mrs. Meyer's Basil Hand Soap. My friend Matthew told me recently that the mark of adulthood is when you start use Mrs. Meyer's hand soap in your home. I was so happy to learn that despite living in a group house and maintaining an active and lively drinking schedule, I am, and have for some time been, an adult! Everybody already knows about Mrs. Meyer's, but do you know about the the basil scent? Oh my god. It doesn't even smell like basil really. It just smells like happiness and good things and wonder and perfection.

Raising Hope. Sweet, funny and cute new comedy on Fox. I think people are hating Running Wilde, but I also have been enjoying it. Did you expect straight, non-oddball humor from the Arrested Development team? Anyway, Raising Hope has a ton of heart and Martha Plimpton is the best and you should watch it, k? Oh also, all you dummies that didn't listen to me to watch Vampire Diaries the 800 other times I told you to: you're such suckers. It's so good this year too.

Fresh Supernova + Firebird Mascara. I am not a fancy, expensive makeup kind of girl. If you can't buy it at CVS, it is generally not found on my face. But I got this little duo as a birthday bonus thing at Sephora, and holy shit guys. This is the greatest pretty-fying invention of all time. I would never seriously recommend you buy two separate tubes of mascara to use at once that each cost more than $20 if it didn't turn you into the PRETTIEST WOMAN ALIVE. I've had conversations with many girlfriends about how mascara is the single makeup item that takes you from looking plain to looking good. And this stuff... it's just great. It lengthens, volumizes, conditions, en-shinies... it's just great. If you've seen me lately and thought damn, Amanda looks good! It's cause of this stuff. Also cause my bangs finally grew out enough. If you're skeptical, buy that little duo pack I linked to up there. I bet you'll be sold.

Tom's Shoes. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry for the jokes about these shoes I laughed at. Because sure, it does smack of pseudo-activism, to wear these shoes and think you're doing good. But hey, kids everywhere need shoes. Whatever. So, I am sorry because my favorite sales person, Ian, at the shoe department at Nordstrom in Tyson's Corner, brought me out a pair to try on while he was selling me the world's most beautiful Frye boots. And I thought, "psshhhhhh, yeah right." Then I put them on. Holy comfortable cute wear them anywhere and look a little better than sneakerses and even have arch support, Batman! I'm a total convert. I think a gray pair will be joining my navy ones soon. Sorry haters. These things are the jam.

Target Rain Boots. I had to buy a new pair of these because the various end of days snowstorms last year finally surpassed the limit of my original navy pair, bought years ago. But these things, and really just rain boots in general, are the best. They, as the name indicates, are great in rain. But more importantly, they allow you to get around in snow better than anything else, because they cover your leg. I'd actually prefer something a little tighter around the top, but for the price and the crazy wide array of colors and patterns available, Target can't be beat. Mine are red, and they're super cute. Gotta order them online, though.

The cocktails at Hank's. Everybody knows the food is great, and they keep the perfect wines and beers to match both the seasons and their menu. But I don't think Hank's Oyster Bar gets enough love for their cocktails. The menu is constantly refreshed, everything always sounds appealing, and everything I've ever gone ahead and ordered has been delicious.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Danzig runs errands. Is your mind blown? My mind is blown.

Proof to support my constantly retold "my family used to own the Black Cat space" story. This collection of photos of DC from the 80s is amazing.

This drawing is my spirit animal.

I sold my condo. I'm no longer poor. And the thing that kept breaking on my car? Got recalled, so it's all fixed forever, AND I get reimbursed for all the times I fixed it. Things are good.

These are things I want printed and framed: