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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hey! Blog!

Emily warned me that if I didn't start blogging more Russian horse breeders would seize my domain, so, hi guys! My life lately has consisted of working insane hours, beating a path between my front door and my bed (with occasional detours by Andrew's stoop), and turning another year older. These are sexy times we're living in, guys. I've begun a new project. My goal is to make a record of all of Emily's Thorson Facts. You know, like, 90% of meals are consumed in the car. Thorson Facts! So if you have any good ones, let me know. I am covered in about 1,000,000 mosquito bites, but I got them after narrowly escaping the jaws of a vicious Newfoundland retriever. Seriously. I'm fine with people tying up their dogs outside Big Bear, but not when it's a dog that is a known attacker. WTF, Carl. Now I'm gonna go make eggs and go to the farmers market and do work and hopefully play softball. Aren't you all glad I'm blogging more?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

For a weekend I thought was going to be sad and terrible

This turned out to be one of the best birthdays ever. Thank you so much to all of the wonderful people in my life, especially Holly, Dan, Stu, Ficke, Becks, Miller, Phoebe, Kate, Tom, Emily, Capps, Sara and LSG for going out of your way to make me feel all special-like. You people are too good to me.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Not that I won't go see it

But, the alter-ego here is just Michael Cera doing Bradley Cooper, right?

thanks, guys

best gift ever

best compliment ever:

Emily: you are so helpful
you're like an iphone app but prettier

Thursday, August 20, 2009

See Also: Eating Filets with some Lillet; Parking Ferraris with some Campari

I am loving Dave Bry's posts on The Awl. His public appologies are everything the internet could have been but haven't been so far. And he has some good things to say about hip hop, too. As I've cataloged here to some degree, I just sweat The Awl in general. I'd like to conceive a child with Alex Balk, maybe over email. Choire's newsletters are just the greatest. His chats with Tom Socha are what I hope the aliens are paying attention to instead of cable news. And Ryan Adams is doing something there soon? Anyway, back to what I started this post to talk about: Run This Town. Bry failed to mention the most hilarious part of the whole song. Which is when Kanye talks about "beasting on some Riesling." A high class problem? Or just completely absurd? You be the judge.

It's true. It really did make my heart explode. Bye guys.

It all starts with "abandoned baby hedgehogs."

Did you guys watch the new season of Top Chef's premier last night? How much do you all hate the sexist douche nozzle from Zatinya? DC representing very, very poorly. Though, in this lineup, very, very well.

Also: Holly posted some nice/awesome things people said about me, because that's how Holly rolls. Thanks, girl.

Also to be reading:
the IFA discusses candy.

Courtney Love caught in bed with a turtle.

Full House 4 Eva.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

supreme naval gazing

when i eat asparagus hot, i far prefer the stalks to the heads. when i eat asparagus cold, however, it's just the opposite.

orange slices (the candy) vary a lot from one to the next. some are super soft and really tart, and others are denser and chewier and way way sweeter. i like the soft tart ones.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is making me ache with desire to just spend all my time learning new stuff.

I love my friends.

me: let's go get our knives sharpened sometime
Spencer: YES
want want want
it's going down

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Walkmen, iTunes Live Session EP

My favorite band released an EP on iTunes yesterday, and it's good. It sort of feels like an EP tailor made to my likings; they've cherry picked some of my very favorite songs, rewrapped them up in new packaging, and given them to me just in time for my birthday. Those guys are so thoughtful. I was so happily surprised to see "Over Your Shoulder" on there, which is an old Recoys track. It was recorded in their newly-favored more thoughtful, focused style -- so if you're looking for the roaring drum solos on "The Rat," this isn't the EP for you. But I'm loving the heck out of it. Here's the track list:

  • We've Been Had
  • On The Water
  • Over Your Shoulder
  • All Hands And The Cook
  • 138th Street
  • In The New Year

going all deuce on ya

On July 3, I decided that, after living in my house for 9 months, it was time to finally put things up on my bedroom walls, update my 4 year old bedding that I was completely tired of, and unpack the two remaining boxes I had into the final piece of furniture I'd finally purchased. It gave me a great sense of Home and I am really happy that I did it.

Well, that job is not complete, I've realized. Greg has been making awesome changes to the downstairs -- that dude is a feng shui natural -- so I wanted to put the final touches on my room. The duvet cover in the image below is the one I already have. I like my bed how it is right now (I've got some red and blue patterned pillow shams on there now with white throw pillows), but it's not quite... all the way there. It is crying for a bed skirt, and some new accents. And my windows, they're totally naked. So, here are the pieces that are going to make my room finally come all the way together. Now that I've signed on for another year in the place, it's time to make it really right. Holly points out that my new curtains are very Sound Of Music, which makes me quite happy, actually. Lindsay points out that it's all Anthropologied out, but I'm a girl and I'm allowed to do that.

Monday, August 10, 2009

good music recommendations

One from Phoebe, one from Spencer. Listen and do something to avoid the sweltering, condemning heat.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

sunday, list form

farmers market
iced coffee
thomas pynchon
beverly hills 90210
mariah carey
blue crabs
otter pops

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Girly observations

When watching 500 Days of Summer, did anybody else notice Zoey D's nails? They were long! Women in movies/tv/what have you haven't sported long nails in quite a while, as far as I've noticed. They were unpainted, but long! Is a digital shift about to occur?

Also: might I recommend Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express mascara? It's good stuff, but more importantly, it smells like hyacinths! Which is nice.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

here's the other diagram I made for this piece