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Sunday, September 30, 2007

I really didn't know who I was gonna choose

"And then I was up there and it just hit me. 'Is there any way... that both of you would be my girlfriend?'"

Bwaahahahahaha! Rock of Love is hilarious.

Crafty Bastards was fantastic. I got the coolest scarf ever. EVER! And ran into pretty much every musician to ever play in this city.

The show at the cat was great, as was hanging out with Ficke, Charles and Spencer. Even though Spencer is an Eagles fan. Gross.

Also, I got an I <3 Jim notepad in the dollar aisle at Target.

Friday, September 28, 2007

It's long, but it's entertaining

Remember this show I mentioned earlier this week? I did a band-on-band interview style preview for it on DCist. Basically Jesse & Tom from TUS and Sam & Dan from Le Loup spent all day today emailing each other about topics from lost dogs to high school bands to this crazy world we live in. Go check out the results.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

In Case You're Wondering

The rash of deleted comments over the past day are thanks to the po/rny Craigslist links somebody keeps leaving. I have a sneaking suspicion that you guys aren't interested in accidentally clicking on tai/nt (or, if you prefer, grun/del) or or/gy shots at the office. Or probably, ever.

My Most Recent Girl Crushes

  • Laura Burhenn of Georgie James, who I just interviewed for a Three Stars piece on DCist and is completely adorable.
  • Casey from Top Chef. She's cute, she's talented and she actually seems like a good, nice person. Go Casey! Tangentially related: Spencer made the most delicious surf & turf tacos for our Top Chef viewing last night. Having amazing food while watching that show really is the only way to fly.

Toner, what are you doing on a boat with Ben Affleck?

PopSugar says this is Bradley Cooper, but I'll be damned if that's not my good friend Tony Souk.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who's comin with me?

I'll be enjoying the aural delights of Le Loup and These United States Saturday evening at the Black Cat. Care to join?

Le Loup: Three Stars * Unbuckled * Album Review

TUS: Tour Diary for DCist * Unbuckled Interview

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"Chug it and have no mercy"

It's useful sometimes to have friends in nerdy places. Like Dan, my favorite video game designer. He just informed me that Mountain Dew has a soda specifically for gamers! This may be old news, but I can't stop laughing. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Mountain Dew Game Fuel. I'll be waiting intently for the development of a blogger-branded beverage.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Progress & Perfection

Beauty Pageants Scholarship Contests: Forever progressing feminism.

Kings of Leon: Totally and completely perfecting live rock.

Salt in the Wound

I just finally watched last week's Dailly Show with Bill Clinton. Right after an inspiring interview with the eloquent former president, the Moment of Zen was a series of snippets from some of our current president's recent speeches. Not that Clinton's verbal prowess over W is news, but the side-by-side comparison really was insult to injury. Uf.

Also: Kings of Leon. Totally kicked ass. More on this later on DCist.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lessons in Home Making

Don't wash chenille.

The inside of my dryer looks like a small woodland creature was murdered in there.

Well, that's a first

I got a promo copy of Bishop Allen's latest, The Broken String. It's really great! I might actually like it better than any of their other stuff. So after I'd given it a good listen and decided it had earned a spot on my iPod, I went to rip it when BAM! Access denied! The album's been blocked against ripping. Maybe it's just a precaution they're using on advance copies to guard against leaking? Or maybe it's something that's going to be creeping up more and more. If it's the latter, it's kind of a pisser. And means I'll be buying off iTunes even more than I do already. I guess this will be a car-only listener.

Friday, September 21, 2007

What I'm Doing This Weekend

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I should start using purrel

Exactly what you want to read after shaking someone's hand.

Oldie But a Goodie

This picture just popped up on my little Flickr link on my blog and I'd forgotten about its awesomeness. Felicia's dog Otis, the world's funniest French Bulldog, in his special pool shoes, a.k.a., boxing gloves, looking like he's just finished a grueling fight to the finish. That's a good place to end.

bees and bees and bees and bees and

Dan Deacon & Girl Talk were, as expected, tons of fun last night. So much dancing, bringing back moves with Stacy, jumping up and down, great times with the Rockist guys, and general sassiness. I've decided to add Greg Gillis to the short list of people I want to play at my wedding. Hypothetical wedding, that is. The Black Cat's staff was especially helpful and gracious last night, especially to the be-crutched Graham, offering him elevator access and free beers. Also, I got the greatest parking spot in the history of concert attendance. I pulled up in front of the BC just as someone was vacating the spot directly out front. A guy saw me in all my parallel parking glory and called me out on it later during the show. Which was funny. I also told Dan Deacon after the show that I had a blast, and he genuinely looked like I made his day. What a nice, down to earth guy. So the majority of my experiences last night were lovely. With one exception: drunk under age kids.

A certain amount of ass-holery is to be expected at a concert. You're gonna get knocked a couple of times when you're in a space that tight. But would saying something along the lines of "excuse me" really kill most people? I experienced some out and out unbelievable acts of rudeness last night. This guy was dancing up all close on me (not in a sexy way, in an "I lack consciousness of personal space" kind of way), and my foot went down on his toe for a second. I immediately turned around and apologized. When I went to the bar a few minutes later, he followed me, walked up to me, and stomped on my foot! I also got genuinely felt up -- starting at the boobs and working his way around to a full on ass grab as some guy made his way through the crowd. I was so shocked I didn't have time to react. And of course, poor vertically-challenged Stacy got elbowed every which way but loose. Also, the guy dancing in front of us who thought he was the coolest thing in the world and kept making his girlfriend/beard take close up shots of him (which have totes got to be up my MySpace by now!) did some serious personal space-encroachment on Stacy towards the end of the night. Rather than pushing him or telling him to fuck off (cause she's not rude), she jokingly sort of danced up on him to show how close he had moved in on her. He turned around and said in the bitchiest tone possible, "you're just like all the girls here tonight" and walked away. So, in summation: don't drink in public till you can handle your liquor, kids. It'll make old foggies like me all sorts of pissed. And you wouldn't want a blogger you're never going to see again to be mad at you, would you?

Oh, one last thing: for probably the 700th time, the Guy That Always Ends Up Standing Next To Me At Concerts did just that again last night. I've never spoken to this guy, but I swear we are next to each other in the crowd of 90% of the shows I go to.

I lied before. Here's the real last thing.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Are you censoring my posts?

As you probably gathered, my initial intention was to put the word "fuck" in the headline of that last post. Because it's a Dan Deacon quote. Blogger however, didn't want me to. It wouldn't publish until I changed it to what you see there now. Will my medium for bitching allow me to bitch about the medium itself? Zomg wtf let me write what I want! It's teh internets!

Sassy As F&(*

What am I doing tonight, you ask? Just this. NBD.

Also, from the "do you even need to ask" files comes: "By the way, Saturday - boating around lunchtime to Tims for food and some swimming possibly if it's warm enough. Daiquiris included - you in?" Of course I'm in Stace Dawg. Of course I'm in.

Oh right, hi!

Boy, I kinda forgot about this thing for a while. I've been pretty busy I guess -- going to Baltimore multiple times to record a radio spot, jumping up and down screaming "I LOVE YOU CAMPBELL!!!", cooking, liberation dance partying, karaokeing, and doin lots of other stuff. I don't have that much else to share right now, except for this.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hey look, it's Amanda! And she's doin stuff!

Head over to DCist and check out my album review of Le Loup's The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Millennium General Assembly! The album's quite enjoyable. It came out today.

In other news, I can't stop listening to "Stronger" by Kanye. And also, according to my iPod's "top 25 most played" list, my very favorite song is "Your Love" by The Outfield. Huh.

If you have or know of an extra ticket to next week's Dan Deacon/Girl Talk show at the cat, let me know. I need one for Stace Dawg.

Monday, September 10, 2007


The Daily Show's "Trapped In A Closet" send up of the Larry Craig scandal... wow. And follow it up with the trailer for Iron Man? Awesomeness overload! Alert! Awesomeness overload!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Oh Good God, or, Live Blogging the VMAs

I'm watching the VMA pre-show. They're trying a new format this year -- I haven't quite figured it out but it involves being in a casino somehow. Thoughts so far:

  • Lil Mama dressed in some sort of hooded jumper because she said it represented that she's "hip hop's baby."
  • Megan Good seems pretty damn unpleasant. TI however -- I'd like to hang out with that guy.
  • Nelly Furtado suffered an unfortunate blonde dye job, and is apparently a coke head and makes no sense and is a huge airhead. She babbled about how she almost wore the same dress as Alicia Keys, had to be reminded that she was on live television, inexplicably started congratulating the VJ (do they still call them VJs?) on his new job, and more. Train wreck!
  • The girls from The Hills really are very, very pretty.
  • The VJ's keep asking people questions like, "what does Vegas mean to you?"
  • Other topics they're addressing with everyone: "Do you think Britney can make a comeback?" and the Kanye/50 Cent battle. Are these topics we really need multiple perspectives on?
  • WOW, new blonde VJ (seriously -- what do they call these people now?) girl is crazy intense and the type of girl that if you got cornered talking to at a party would completely exhaust you.
  • Jennifer Garner is freaking beautiful and so classy.
  • I'd like to play craps with Sway and Common. That seem like fun.
  • Who are Boys Like Girls? They're a big deal? Apparently they've had an "amazing year." And everything they've experienced recently has been "ridiculous."
  • John Norris is dressed like he's going to Misshapes, including guyliner and a frayed skull scarf. It's making me kind of uncomfortable.
  • They keep playing this one little dance rock riff that's a little too anxious to use repeatedly. Between that and John Norris, I'm getting stressed out.
  • Apparently, everyone is really pulling for Britney to do well. And think the 50/Kanye thing is good for hip hop.
  • I just realized that Fred Smoot and Ludacris look very similar. Or remind me of each other. Or something. Also: GO SKINS!
  • This Nicole Scherzinger chick has got to just go away.
  • Oh god, and she's performing with Lil Wayne. This guy is the worst.
  • This taco bell commercial to "I'll Melt With You" is kind of creepy. Or maybe funny. I'm not sure.
  • Ludacris just let me know that Virgos rules the world. I couldn't agree more.
  • According to Kanye West, his new album is "ready for da clubs, ready for da cars." In case you were concerned that it wasn't quite there yet -- feel free to listen to it while you cruise.
  • When asked if this battle is real or a marketing scheme, Kanye said, "It's definitely a marketing scheme!" At least he's honest.
  • Lil Mama's silver baby jumper thing apparently also included a diamond passifyer. Awesome.
  • Oh god, Paris Hilton. I might have to turn this off now.
  • Ha, Sway told her to enjoy her freedom.
  • Huh, Panic at the Disco wear less make up than I thought they would. And apparently, they were John Norris' inspiration for his look tonight. He's wearing way more makeup than I thought he would be. I'll try and stop commenting on it, but it's rilly weird.
  • Oh dear. Britney. Really sad. She walked back and forth and shimmied a couple times, didn't do anything that could be considered actual dancing, filled the stage with lots of dancers so as to maybe take attention off of her (?), had a really bad weave that she spent the entire (bad) song fixing, wore a weird little bikini thing.... oh dear, what is Sarah Silverman gonna say about her... Celebs in the audience were actually laughing at her during her performance. Ouch.
  • In lieu of having tons of performances, they're showing clips from performances at parties they've thrown leading up to the VMAs this week?
  • Lil Mama looks like she's plotting Rhianna's demise.
  • Why is JT so damn charming?
  • OK, this OTHER taco bell commercial is definitely CREEPY and NOT funny. I'm sure about this one.
  • WHAT THE HELL is this show I just saw a commercial for? It appears to be a bunch of reality show "stars", in some sort of american idol-ish rap competition? I don't want to live in a world where this is on tv and Veronica Mars gets cancelled.
  • Whoa holy crap Chris Brown is one hell of a dancer. I mean DAMN.
  • JT's stirring the pot and keeps mentioning how MTV needs to play more videos.
  • Another oustanding leap forward for television programming: a reality dating show where a bisexual maxim model chooses her love from a house half full of hot lesbians, half full of hot straight guys.
  • Oh god. And another one: Pageant Place -- a bunch of crowned beauty queens, livinge together. We're doomed.
  • Apparently that blonde VJ I mentioned earlier didn't impress anyone. She only made the one appearance and then she was GONE, and apparently, replaced by the indestructable cheerleader.
  • Also, Sarah Silverman did one standup bit at the beginning, and then vanished. MTV is very loosely defining the term "hosting" it seems. This new show format is kinda weird, but not too terrible.
  • Fall Out Boy is apparently the backing band for absolutely everyone tonight. Also, Rhianna's not that good of a singer live. But she sure is adorable!
  • Nelly's wearing a plain white tshirt and drinking a draft beer out of a plastic cup.
  • Alicia Keys looks really scary as she's performing.
  • Yeah, I stopped doing this about halfway through, but, in summation, at the end of the show I was just shouting "JT!!!!!!!"
Apparently I wasn't the only one live blogging the VMA's. But I may have been the only one who didn't plan to do it ahead of time.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Need a place to live?

I have three friends looking for warm bodies to fill their living quarters in the D.C. area, so if you're looking for a place to live, let me know.

One is in Shaw, 2 bedroom townhouse, 1.5 bath. Female looking for a new roomate.

One is in Adams Morgan, 2 bedroom condo. Male looking for a new roomate.

One is a studio in South Arlington. No roomate, just subletting.

Saturday! Saturday! Saaaturday!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Proud Momma

My little DC band birdies are leaving the nest. I got a fancy press release today for MDR, and Le Loup went and got all Brooklyn Vegan-ed. My babies are all growns up!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

You know what I love hearing before going somewhere?

"We don't have a sidewalk anymore on our street. Like, seriously. It's all to' up. You need to wear astronaut boots to get decent traction when approaching our house, so beware."

I'll be back... eventually.

The fugs are gonna git ya

Oh Mischa, what is going on here? I'm usually fond of your wackier fashion choices, but what happened? I can make no sense of these fabric fragment/clown costume add on disasters you've tacked on to your tshirt. Marissa Cooper would never have gone there.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

It's love

BD has left me another love note. Clearly, he wanted to come to D.C. to see me so badly, they went ahead and scheduled another show. I get it Britt, you dig me. I like you too. Let's go grab a drink, k?

But in all seriousness, it's awesome that they figured all this out. The 9:30 Club tells me that it's not 100% official yet, but if my boyfriend says it's true, it's true, dammit.