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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Link a little bit

On a serious note: Jenny W sent me this article about a horrifying story about how rape cases are handled at UVA. It's truly irresponsible, unbelievable and not to be stood for. Start writing letters, because this is just not right.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Mall Madness

Scene: Tysons Corner, upper level, Gap wing. I'm walking into the new store - Ruehl - when I hear a sudden, massive, communal sqeal. Given our location, I assume some group of 6 year olds has just seen the alligator outside the Rainforest Cafe. I browse the store, turn around to leave, and hear the shrill cries again, this time louder and more intense. I walk out to see a crowd has gathered around the little port hole tot he lower level. I join and look down to see this:

Massive line of young girls outside of a record store - this must be some kind of meet and greet. Who could it be? Around this time, in between squeals, I hear about 4 different girls scream "I love you Justin!!"

Wait -

No -

Could it?



My interest is piqued, so I make my way to the escalator to take a closer look. In the less than 3 minutes this takes, the entire crowd has dispursed, the ferver has ceased, the gate outside the store has been lifted, and there are only about 3 people inside. Has Timberlake flown the coop? I see a poster outside and my mystery is solved. Boy band B5 was doing a little something there, and apparently it ended before most people were ready for it to. Since I'm 24 not 14, I do not know who B5 is. But it was still solid mall entertainment, got my mind off the wafting scent of the cinnabon stand.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fun with Craig's List

Joke? Or so drunk he thought this was a good idea?

Joke? Or complete lunatic?

While I'm sure this is a line judge or camera guy, I'd like to think that #11 is lookin for love with a fan.

Hey baby, maybe I could text you sometime?

What a vile, spiteful person.

Reassuring? I don't know how I feel about breaking the third wall between me and the missed connections. In my mind they exist on this meta-plane of eRomance. The idea that it actually amounts to something, well, I just don't know what to think about that. But more power to ya!

Branch is a big girl

Well. I guess somewhere in thee backs of our minds we knew it might happen someday. I guess I just didn't think it would happen so soon.

Sam woke up this morning to find Stick gone. Then, he received this:

You couldn't have invited us to the wedding? I'm hurt. I suppose he was always meant to follow in the footsteps of great personified inanimate objects of yore, but, I just thought we'd have some more time together. Come home soon Stick, we miss you!

It's coming....

Just two weeks until we're reunited with our friends from Orange County. That was one hell of a quick summer!! I'm very, very excited. This picture made me all anticipat-y and happy.

I haven't actually been given the Season 2 DVDs yet (consieder yourselves de-friended), but Sam did give me an amazon gift certificate in the exact amount, so, I should be covered.

Well anyway, enjoy these (found here):

Glory be! It looks like Mischa's been eating! She looks great!


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Little Stinkers

Some recent pics of my feline friends. Enjoy!

Help your Stretch

Anybody have a picture of me (in digital format) out there in which I'm not doing something idiotic? I need a good headshot type picture so I can do one of these, but seriously every picture I have of myself includes a funny face, a tongue sticking out, a prop of some kind, food or a beverage. The picture of me blowing out the candle (see below) is seriously the most normal looking one I can findos. If you have anying, help!!

You should really go see a janitor about that

1) Jim Vance is the nicest guy ever. I've been a big fan of this guy for pretty much as long as I can remember, and getting to meet him last night was the coolest. Thank you Stacy for being my liason. And thanks to all the girlies for the WONDERFUL dinner!

2) Go to google. Type in "Kodak Gallery." Look at the hilarious point at which the headline cuts off. Laugh.

3) How is it possible that this holiday passed me by? For shame! I shall celebrate next year, for certain.

4) I couldn't agree more.

5) Want it...want it so bad....

6) Keep those masks away from me! We are the world!

7) This seems pretty sweet.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What a birthday!

I know the party isn't for two days, but I had a hell of a birthday so far. We had the fantastic dinner with the girls at Mie n Yu.

Amazing company, witty banter, fantastic food, great drinks, amazing atmosphere...and....ohmigod.....


More to follow. Oh yes!

Hey! Guess What!

Today! Today's the day!

What day? you ask ~ I'll tell you!


Click upon thy comment button and shower me with adoration!

Yesssssssssssssssssss! I love this day!!


Big thanks to:
  • Natash for the lovely flowers!
  • All of the Tommasones, Jayne, Becky, The Helbings, Mom, Dad, Gramma, Grampa, Aunt Kristie, Lauren and anyone I'm forgetting for the well wishes :)
  • Meagan for my favorite birthday song!
  • Sam for his clever present!
  • Sam & Drew for taking me out to lunch!
  • Drew for my awesome tshirt!!
  • Liz, Jenna, Stacy and whoever else is taking me out to dinner!
I love my friends and family!!

And whilst we celebrate my birth, let's take a moment to recognize others who were lucky enough to be born on the cusp of Leo and Virgo:

Barbara Eden (aka, Genie)

Rick Springfield

Jay Mohr

Julian Casablancas (of The Strokes)

Shelley Long

Kobe Bryant

King Louis XIV

Gene Kelly

River Phoenix

Happy Birthday!

This Day In History aint to great, but as far as my personal history goes ~ it's da chronic.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Same thing we do everyday, MoTrain

*In his continuing effort to take over the world, our friendly neighborhood Chris (you may remember him from such hits as partytron5000) has reached quite a milestone. His lil ol' sports blog is the third most read on AOL, with 42,000 hits over othe past...crap I can't remember the time frame, but, it's pretty impressive. His thoughts? "Maybe I should start updating it more than once a week." Indeed Chris, indeed.

Update: timeframe = past 4 weeks

*In other news: only one shopping day left

*Jack White just got slimed!

*While I did attend some ragers in my day (the no furniture party at Jean's, fight night at Josh's, Danny's toga party to name some particularly memorable ones), it's true - 80s teen movie parties gave us all really high - if not scary - expectations. Quite frankly I'm glad they never reached this level, but if you're still envious of the brat pack, follow this handy guide to building a rager.

*Kitty News. So, Stinker had quite an eventful week last week. After lots of vom (using that word is a nod to the recently engaged Kristen Hogan. Congrats!), many hours at the vet and lots of TLC, the little fella still wasn't better. Mom took him in and BAM! Emergency surgery! Turns out he'd eaten some thread, which had wrapped around his tongue and pretty much convoluted his entire system (throat, stomach, intestines, etc.). 4 internal incisions, 3 nights at the vet and more money than I care to divulge later, he's back home and resting. Here's a (dark) pic of his shaved little belly with sutures. Poor lil guy.

Update: This picture scared the bejesus out of Chris. I apologize for any emotional damages.

A better (and therefore more libel to make you go "aaaaaaaaawe!") pic is sure to follow, as dad got me an AWESOME digital camera for my bday, so we won't have to rely on el camera phone anymore. It's smaller than a pack of cards. Flippin SWEET! I actually got the goods from both partents already, as they've both abandoned me on my birthday. Mom got me this great painting, so my walls aren't quite so bare anymore!!

Carry on my children. But only after you check out my latest DCist posts: Hot Ticket and Weekly Music Agenda. Now on to your regularly scheduled program.


I almost forgot!!! A HUGE thanks to Liz and Jenna for planning lots of birthday festivities for me!! I can't wait!!!

LKE16: thats so funny that they had a hipsters dancing evite template

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Take another look

At my anime post. I added in links to what these people might actually look like as anime.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Finding Bobby Fisher

Saturday night, on our way home from a fun filled evening out in Georgetown, Nadine & I went (of course) to Manny & Olga's before retiring to Jenna & Liz's for the evening. On our way back, I noticed an unfortunate fellow passed out on the sidewalk, right around the part of the neighborhood where the crack heads piss. Not exactly a feather bed. He was our age, dressed nice, obviously this wasn't his normal stomping ground. We tried to wake him, and after a few minutes, heard some gurggles.

Nadine ran back for Jenna and Liz while I tried to flag down a cop (there are usually plenty around 14th street at that time of night). Of course, not this night. So, not wanting to over-escalate the situation, I called the non-emergency police number for DC. Does anyone out there know what that consists of? An answering machine too full to accept new messages. Yeah. So, a battle of some wills later, he was in the apartment, somewhat coherent and nursing water. We found he did indeed have a wallet. His name was Robert Fisher, and his address was in Alexandria. My hypothesis was his parents lived in Alexandria, and he now lived in an apartment in Arlington with college buddies. Anyhow, we decided that while we had him, we might as well ask him funny questions.

Me: So Robert Fisher, who'd you vote for in the last election?
Robert Fishwer: (slurring) If you broads think I'd vote for John Kerry, you've got an-.....
Everyone simultaneously: OUT!

So, we worked our way out of that hump. We got groped a few times. We finally got it out of him that he did indeed live in Arlington with "a guy and a girl....i dunno, some people."

At this point and right up until before he left, we could NOT convince Bobby Fisher (as we discovered he called himself) that we had found him the way we did. He was convinced he'd come into our lives through a common friend, Rob Brubraker or some such nonsense. He absolutely positively would not believe that we'd found him passed out on 14th street. And in fact, was really pissed that we weren't being nicer to him.

We finally got Bobby Fisher out and in a cab, we got the cabbie to agree to get him home for the twenty bucks Liz ponied up for the cause. After we'd convinced him of the situation at hand, and offered to write him a note retelling the tale (which he declined), Liz took a moment to for the cause.

Liz: You know what Robert Fisher? A republican would never have helped you like this tonight.
Bobby Fisher: You're right. I wouldn't have.

As he was leaving, he asked me how he could pay us back "or whatever," to which I replied,

Never do this again, Robert Fisher.

Moral of the story: Boys are irresponsible drunks who let their friends wander, and democrats are good humanitarians. And, we completed the task the movie title set out years ago.

Anime Aniyou

The theory: Many celebrities look like anime characters.

The back story: For many years now, a running joke/observation with my mom consisted of watching tv/movies and noting which ones look like anime. I was reminded of this passtime recently and, naturally, this lends itself nicely to a blog post.

To begin with, let's remember what anime characters look like. I can't claim to have any sort of actual knowledge in this area. I don't think I've seen any more than 30 seconds of any given anime at a time. Nonetheless, there's a look, and here's what that look is.

Note: I've updated w/some examples of what these people might actually look like as anime. Click on the links under the celebs.

An important note to make is that a lot of the people I think look like anime, I also think look like this guy:

It aint easy being green. Just ask Callisata.

She does qualify, but she's not an all star. Let's start with them. Please remember - looking anime does not mean you're unattractive. In fact, the anime-esque are generally really good looking people. They've just got that whole big eyes, high cheek bones, narrow nose, flawless skin thing going on. The two front runners are in a dead heat:

Marcia Cross
(of Melrose Place & Desperate Housewives) and Paula Devicq (Charlie's wife on Party of Five)

The Paula D pic is tiny, I know. This is because there's a derth of pictures of her on google. Even though she's absurdly beautiful and should still be acting. Sidenote over.

A close second place dead heat goes out to another Melrose Alum, Courtney Thorne Smith, and Frodo himself, Elijah Wood.


On to the slew of bench warmers:

Kimberly Williams (Father of the Bride)

Johnny Lee Miller, aka Dade Murphy (HACK THE PLANET!)

Kerr Smith - anime on the creek

Gary Busey - for the scary anime constituency

Somebody told me, that Brandon Flowers looks like anime

P05 was animetastic


Anime + X Files = geek heaven

Alexis Bledel, the fastest talkin japanimated Gilmore Girl around

Rob Lowe, definitely more anime-ish in his younger days, but he's definitely still got it

Vicky Vale

My beloved one does indeed have an anime thing goin on

Leo, Leo, Leo

The 4400 take on Japan

Hi! We're hot new indie film/tv actors (you may have seen us in such works as Empire Falls or Weeds) whose emotive center resides in our huge anime eyes!

Lohan ~ big or small, red or blonde, she's definitely a little animated

Daytime takes on anime ~ friendly anime faces from my soaps (that likely Beth and my mom will be the only ones to reccognize)

Silly me! I almost forgot a HUGE one! A guy with big bright eyes! Can you guess? OK, well here you go!

Mr. Oberst to you, I heart DC9 to me

Have more? Agree? Think this is hilarious? Think I have no idea what I'm talking about/am out of my mind? Hollar!

Late Afternoon Funnies

*I write for what is apparently the 396th "most interesting and important" blog. Go figure. Go DCist!

*Though the family business deems it very important, I've never been too interested in Nascar. Though learning about our common interest made me look more fondly on the sport, it's existence is of very little meaning to me. But, the always oddly funny Toothepaste for Dinner has a pretty hilarious post on it.

*McSweeney's brings you THIRTY-NINE QUESTIONS FOR CHARLIE DANIELS UPON HEARING "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" for the First Time in 25 Years.

*I just got really amped. Thanks to my invovlement with DCist (which is great so far), I'm on Death Cab's press list for their show at 930 in October. I don't think I've ever felt cooler, or closer to Seth Cohen.

*Speaking of Orange County...