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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


If you've never endulged in Pink is the New Blog, then this will be a great new resource. It's like sitting by the pool while you're girlfriend reads the most salacious parts of US Weekly to you, and shows you pictures. Anyhow, check this out, courtesy of those pop culture fat chewers:

Skeletor looks sick. Put some weight back on! You were right thick!! Heroine chic is soooooo over. Get your T&A back STAT! And, the blonde, it's not workin for you. It just accentuates the wasted-away-to-practically-nothingness of your new look.

Keep on scrollin', I put up several posts this weekend.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Who wants to spoon?

It's officially sold out, but anybody wanna try and craigslist our way into the Spoon show at 930 on Friday? I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally wanna go!! I can't make it too terribly wild a night, as the next day I'm at my momma's beck and call helping her out with her yardsale (sidenote: come get your Amanda Mattos memorabilia while it's hot). But, I really really really want to go see Spoon!!

State of the Blog

Good evening my friendlies. Doin a little blog maintenance as I watch the summer's first installment of reality drivel (and in case you're curious, thus far it's wholly uninteresting, no big surprise there). I was stoked to see that DC Blogs linked to my last post re: worst pickup attempt ever (to be said in comic book guy voice). This lead me to update my Links sidebar ~

DCist - a member of the "ist" family of blogs that began with Gothamist (about NYC). This could be described as a blog, but it's really more of a publication; great articles about what's going on in and around DC, from events to points of interest to observations. A great regular read, and a great local resource.

DCeiver - another DC area blog whose focus on music was what drew me there initially, but its observatory stance is always interesting.

DC Blogs - a collection of local bloggers that notes articles of interest and categorizes the links. And, they linked to me, so in the incestuous world of blogging....right back atcha.

Here's A Hint - the DC music scene in a nutshell.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

That shit is bananas! B-a-n-a-n-a-s!

A mid-weekend post - try not to explode from excitement. I don't wanna have to clean that shit up. Last night was highly hilarious, and deserves some bloggy attention.

First of all though, Thursday night was also fun with Tyler and Alan. The only way to beat it is to bat it down.

Anyhow, so....Liz and I had been planning on getting liberated last night. After hangin out at Diana's bbq for a bit, I headed into the city (me and gazillions of hogs). Patrick and Nadiene came over and we went into Adams Morgan for some pre-liberation barring. After watching Joe spin at an Ethiopian restaurant, we went over to Roxanne. I was at the bar getting a drink, when I was approached by what I can only hope was someone being filmed for a practical joke/reality dating show. This guy was in his early 30s, wearing a short sleeve button up shirt with a swirly blue, green and yellow pattern all over it, and took a stance against the bar that showed off his tremendously large belly. That's when he hit me with what I can honestly say is the worst pick up line I have ever heard. Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't know that a genuine pick up line has ever been used on me. But now, well, I can join the auspicious ranks of the horribly hit upon.
Sketchball: You know who you remind me of?
Me: Who?
Sketchball: Someone I have to meet.
Me: *laughter*
Sketchball: Why are you laughing?
Me: *laughter*
Sketchball: You're a giggly one, I bet you're...ticklish.
Me: *getting more and more creeped out*
Sketchball: You must have really good hearing.
Me: What?
Sketchball: Those earrings must weigh a ton! You must have great hearing!
Me: That doesn't even make any sense.

The saga continued, through his administration of a personality test, up until he spilled my drink all over me, didn't get me a new one, and I promptly left.

After that, it was time for liberation! We met up with Motrain and Joe, fresh from the Bright Eyes/The Faint show, for an alt rockin good time. Joe was so housed he somehow made his way home shortly thereafter, but Chris, Liz and I closed down DC9. It was all kinds of fun. We, of course, capped the night off with a visit to Manny & Olga's ("You know somebody named Olga?!"), and apparently I'm the only one of the three who remembers anything past leaving the bar. Me, the most sober! Ha! Then this mornin there was lots of hilarious pallin around (Luna will from here on be known as Cellestes. And Chris desperately wants to lick the greasy plate. And what ya gonna do with an EC and no TV?). Me and Chris made the long drive home...or at least, to the Vienna metro where his car was parked. With rolling thunder in town, there was no shortage of diversions.
Me: If you're gonna have a bike, why...why would you get one that's turquoise?
Mottram: Maybe he's native american. They just love turqouise.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who had a wild night:
Cat5268: i booted last night for the 2nd time in my life.....everyone was buying me shots, and i went into the bathroom, sat down on the floor and puked all over myself!!! sooooooooooooo embarassing

Now I'm gettin ready to go see Rilo Kiley at 9:30 club. Should be AWESOME! I'm foregoing the Raveonettes at Black Cat for RK. Can't wait to see Jenny Lewis, of childhood acting fame, and the rest of the band be frickin awesome. And, apparently, she may be dating Jake Gyllenhaal.


Update! The concert was, in fact, so great. I was uber impressed by Rilo Kiley ~ great stage presence, sounded incredibly tight, Jenny Willis played several instruments and it was muy impressivo, and the guitarist/male vocalist looked like George McFly (who was hilarious and talented...but so mcfly-ish). They played all of my favorite songs and then some. The highlight was when Bright Eyes came out for "With My Arms Outstretched." Even though I'm not a Bright Eyes fan, my little indie rock heart was all a flutter. For the last song of the encore, both opening bands, bright eyes, and a baby joined the rest of Rilo Kiley on stage and they played a little accoustic version of "Let My Love Open The Door," which was really really great (and a song which is conspicuously absent from iTunes, any download tips please get to hollarin'). Afterwards, Drizew and I went over to Liz's, then made our way to DC9. Fun thing #1: The bouncer remembered me from the night before and didn't need to see my ID. Fun thing #2: As we were enjoying our beers downstairs (before drew departed and we ponied up 10 bucks for electrotease), we look behind us and realize that several members of Bright Eyes are standing about a foot away from us at the bar. No Conor Oberst, but the rest of 'em. Shortly thereafter, we realize that mr. bright eyes himself has ladelled himself into a booth (which wasn't surprising given his lack of sobriety when onstage at 930). Liz and I made our way up to electrotease (which was pretty much a more crowded, more electro sinth liberation), which was being guest-dj'd by a guy from The Smiths, so there was a whole lot of 80s glam goin on. Liz and I both decided that "Hey, I don't really like your music!" wasn't a great conversation starter, so we left our brushes with celebrity to ordering beers in tandum, and swaying around the dance floor. Still, kinda thrilling. It was a rockin good time.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Greetings and whatnot

First and foremost, I want to wish a very happy birthday to the one and only Catherine L. Pax! Paximus Maximus! Cat Evans! Ye of the soft skin and black, white and hot pink clothing ~ I'm very glad you were born!!

And another happy birthday shout to one Steve Sakole - without you, Dr. Pepper and Captain Morgan may have gone out of business a long time ago.

Also, welcome back to NoVa Tyler, and welcome back to the east coast, Alan.

AND, a big huge thanks to Mr. Drew for the crucial mp3 burning. You rule!

Now that we've taken care of business, it's time for a new posty subject. I came across something yesterday discussing best kisses on Buffy ~ which lead me to think of my favorite all time TV kisses. Some are definitely from Buffy (duh), but, hey, it's to be expected. Let's take a look-see:

1. Buffy & Angel kissing before he's sucked into a hell dimension

The pinacle moment of my BTVS obsession, and one of the most heartbreaking scenes in all of tv, movies, books, whatever.

2. Ross & Rachel's first kiss

We all waited for it for a season and a half. Though I do heart the one with the prom video and "he's her lobster," this kiss is really my favorite.

3. Pacey finally kisses Joey

Once again, my favorite moment in their story arc is when she runs after him and they sail off together, but after so much dawson moping, and angst, this kiss was a great pay off.

4. Spike & Buffy at the end of the musical

Though the whole Spike & Buffy romance will never be what Angel & Buffy is, it was good for the time, and we waited a long time to see these two sworn enemies play tonsel hockey.

5. Angel & Buffy on "Angel"

Another heart breaker, Angel's human for a day and he and Buffy finally get to be a normal couple - but only he will ever remember it. The crucial on-the-kitchen-table doin it is great to.

6. SD6 falls, Syd & Vaughn finally get to kiss

Their unspoken and impossible love was finally possible, and without saying a word they both just rushed each other. It was flippin fantastic. (Side note: Gigantic WTF to the season finale - holy shit what the hell??)

7. Marissa & Ryan finally kiss on the ferris wheel

Internet is failing me somewhat, can't find a pic of this actual kiss. But this "we're finally back together" kiss is also quite good. Also, I'm realizing the vast majority of these are first kisses - but it's only fair. The first one is so anticipated, and always marks a milestone. TV gold. Anyhow, he saved her life and protected her honor about umpteen times before these two finally get together. And the scene's really sweet with his whole fear of heights and whatnot.

8. Seth & Summer on the coffee cart

They're dating! And everybody knows it! Glorious!

9. Buffy finale - Angel comes back kiss

(Sorry the pic is so dark - it's a dark show) Yes, the love at that time was Spike, but when Angel shows up to help buffy, and they beat Caleb, and she just drops they sythe and kisses's glorious confirmation that they've still got the love and sometime down the road in fictiontown they'll end up together. Yuh huh. Watching this with a bunch of girlfriends and the squeal-o-meter going through the roof also adds to my love for it.

10. Luke & Laurelai

The couple everybody knew should be on Gilmore Girls finally got together at the end of last year. This picture is from that kiss, though I think my actual favorite L&L kiss is from this year when they break up and she's a wreck and he comes over and they kiss in the doorway and it's great.

11. Clark & Lana

Basically any kiss with them, as the show doesn't much like for them to spend time as an actual couple, but getting to watch the two most absurdly good looking people ever kiss is always great.

How bout you?

Monday, May 23, 2005

Godspeed, Little Doodle

The aforementioned subject is in honor of Aaron J. Van Roy, one of my oldest and dearest friends, who got engaged this weekend. Congratulations Aaron & Mandy!! That's one lucky lady ya got there ;) Picture to follow:
mads t r e t c h: have you any pics of you and the mandy on your computer you could send me?
FirststARfighTer: not here
FirststARfighTer: sorry
FirststARfighTer: we have a CD with 150 photos and a 5 minute video

Saw it. It was awesome. Given the outrageous ticket sales, chances are you saw it too.

My schedule's about to be significantly cleared up, as tv season finales are pretty much finishing up this week. Without tv, what am I do to with myself? The probably answer: you'll be seeing my smiling face at more happy hours now that the summer months are upon us.

Songs in question:
-The song that played on the OC season finale durring Caleb's funeral, and at the very end is Hide & Seek, by Imogen Heap
-Mine & Jenna's favorite commercial song right now (and Liz's least favorite)- the triplets going home for their birthday via airplane, cadillac, camel's back - is Get To Me by Train

I'm pretty lethargic today, so I don't have too many other pearls of wisdom to impart as of right now. I'll update as they come to me.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Free Missy!!

Our beloved Missy Souk is in trouble with the law. An uppety neighbor of Tony & Felicia's called the cops because Missy was unleased. Not doing anything crazy, just unleashed. Damn the man! Save the American Bulldog! Free Missy!!

Tony is meeting with the "animal cop" as we speak. Let's all keep our hopes up for this wonderful pooch.

Dark days ahead

Well my friends, that fateful time of year has come upon us. Last night we said goodbye to our beloved OC until next fall. It's been a rough and tumble year. At the outset, things didn't look so good. Story lines dragged, sexual identities were toyed with, there was a lot of live music, our favorite couples weren't even close to being together. Had The OC lost its spark? Was season one a fluke? Nay. Everything started to turn around with that spiderman kiss, and the mallpisode. Yes, that's right, possibly the two most made fun of elements of this season, but that's where the show started to take a hold of its roots and ramp things up to a fantastic pitch. I'm still not wild about all the Sandy/Kirsten turmoil, but I think things there have gotten back on track. Anyhow, last night some close friends, and their moms, came over for cocktails, fine dining, and salacious soapy deliciousness. Per-usual, I'll stay away from spoilers, but let me just say that this year's was about 3,000% better than last year's finale, and it rocked my world. And Jimmy's line to Haley about the north shore - priceless. In the words of WuhSarah, "There are about 10 people in teh world that got that joke, and 6 of them are in this room." The whole room - which included Diane Helbing, so this is a true feat - was dead silent for about a full minute at the end there. I don't think I breathed for about that long. Anyhow, though I'm annoyed they're calling it "the summer season," I'm glad they'll be rerunning this season this summer. Why don't shows ever do that anymore? I enjoy a good mid-summer start up reality show as much as the next guy, but do we really need to unleash the entire crop of shows executives felt weren't strong enough to premeire durring the real season in the summer? Granted, my diatribe is a double edged sword, as The OC itself started up in the summer. But I like to think of that as an artistic choice based on the timing of Ryan's unfortunate incarceration, and the ramping up that was necessary before Ryan Atwood took on Harbor High. But I digress. So, my fair readers, this will likely be the last OC recap post you'll see for several months. But let me make the following announcement:

The OC, Season 2 will be released on DVD ON MY BIRTHDAY (August 23 for the rookies in the crowd). If I do not receive it as a gift, I will disown you all.

Because there aren't any pictures online yet that I could find from last night, I'll part with a picture from prom last week - "Seth Cohen's a tool!" ~

Those of you that didn't watch the episode, this will probably mean nothing to you, or the good lines will be spoiled, so stop reading:

"Apparently mom's a drunk and today's the intervention, so plan your afternoon accordingly."

"I don't think he's trying to kick bagels."

"At least you don't have everyone asking you if you were the guy that burned down his model home and caused Caleb to have his first heart attack."

"Really? That's surprising considering you met her face down in a pool."

"The way things are going, I bet that's Oliver."

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Nat's Game - June 5

Most of you who could possibly attend this game have probably gotten an email from me about this already, but in case not:

McFaddens' deal for Nats games - me, the Tommasones, Christine B and Betsy are going (so far). Here's the deal:

$35 Package includes:
Ticket to the Game
Transportation to and from the Game (from McFadden's)
Stadium-Side Tailgate with All-You-Can Drink Miller Lite Draft
Miller Lite Specials at McFadden's after the Game

Call Ali or Heather at (202) 223-2338 to reserve your spot.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Suaves t r e t c h

Just to reassure all of you out there that I am as blonde and as clumsy as ever, here's a little story to brighten your day.

Drew and I went out to lunch at the Olive Garden. We parked in the lot behind their building. While walking towards the restaurant, I walked right underneat one of these:

after a car had just passed through. Without thinking about it for even a moment. When the arm came down and smacked me in the head, I had no idea what hit me. Literally. Drew was gracious enough to not laugh at me outright too terribly. There you have it folks, my blond moment for 2005.

Monday, May 16, 2005

San Diego Recap the Second

Well well well ladies and germs, I've been back for a week now but am just finally getting around to the 2nd leg of the trip recap. Before I get into the minutia and laundry list of inside jokes, let me just say that Alan and I had the best time. Ever! Haven't seen each other in about 3 years, and even then we'd never spent so much time together, but we still had such a blast. A most excellent traveling companion he was.

Over the past couple of years, Alan and I have bridged the distance between our two coasts with our mutual love for The O.C. It was only fitting, after our gajillions of phone calls, text messages and emails to that effect, that we meet on Thursday night and take it in together. (After all, we were referring to our trip as "Seth and Summer take on San Diego.") His flight was delayed, so he missed the uber-traumatic first hour that included Trey's attack on Marissa

(eek!) and Zack saying "Wake up, I'm a water polo player. We're never nice!", but got there in time to hear Summer tell Reed, "I don't do references before 1990."

Seth as an old man - so good.
After some glorious time spent with our friends in Newport, it was time to make our way out into the city and celebrate cinco de mayo! On a side note, it was quite a thrill to wath The O.C. so close to the actual O.C., and celebrate Cinco de Mayo so close to Mexico. We made our way down to the lobby of our hexagonal hotel

(yes, we stayed at a Holiday Inn. And, yes, we did play much musical homage to this guy:)

(which, given the bat cave elevator and inexplicably entrancing wall of brochures, wasn't the easiest feat), and asked the front desk to call us a cab. The guy who drove the airport shuttle said he didn't have any pick ups for a few hours, so he'd be happy to take us downtown. Sweet! If you've never been, San Diego's a pretty small city, so it's not like he was going out of his way. Alan and I thought we were in for a mild mannered ride a few blocks into the Gas Lamp Quarter. NAY! Troy, the driver, turned out to be a freaking comedian. He began the trend of Alan and I meeting people and having them spill their life histories within 30 seconds of knowing us. Before we even got off First Avenue, we leared that Troy had had sex in the back of a Toyota Avalon at

with a man.

The rest of the ride was equally as hilarious, particularly when he asked if we wanted him to take us to a gay club. "You guys would have a great time; he's cute and you're a straight woman, you guys would be a hit!" We declined the generous offer and made our way to the nearest bar where we were dropped off (it was raining).

Despite the fact that it was a south of the border holiday, we found ourselves in an Irish Pub (naturally). The place was dead when we went in, but as soon as we claimed a table with our beers, tons of wasties poured themselves in. Clearly, Alan and I set the trends for downtown San Diego. After enjoying our margaritas and free souvenier glasses, we mosied on down the street. Shout! - Dueling Pianos! caught our attention, so we went on in. It was in turns hilariously bad, raucusly entertaining, and pretty good! I took a video of the bartender singing Vanilla Ice, but it doesn't seem to have saved. Anyhow, we had quite a time at Shout!, and our request (Help!), was the last song they played for the evening. We went home and played MASH (I'm looking forward to my future as Alan's wife and an Emcee), and watched some tv (a little appropriately timed Cole Trickle) till slumber hit.

Friday morning (Seiso de Mayo) I was still adjusting to not working and time zone changes, so I woke up pretty early. We lazed around, ordering room service (seriously, who orders a cinnamon raisin bagel sandwich? might as well get a pastrami, cottage cheese, banana bread sandwich, right Mitch?),

playing with iPods, discussing music, before deciding that renting a car would make excursioning a whole heck of a lot easier. We had some tribulations actually getting to the Thrifty car rental place, but once there, our trusty steed - a Dodge Neon - was waiting for us.

Feel the power!

We took a scenic tour of Hotel Circle (about as scenic as it sounds), took a little drive on freeway 5 to the soothing sounds of Mitch Hedberg (soothing....causing convulsive laughter...whatever).

("Dammit! I wish I had not seen Ricky on the sidewalk!") then made our way to Ocean Beach (The O.B. - Bitch). We had lunch at a little outdoor restaurant, and shot the shit for a looong time, catching up on the significant events of our respective lives over the past three years or so. Aside from the glorious ocean view, we also had a truly odd human being to look at, who we named Bruno. We strolled over to the OB Pier - the longest pier on the west coast. We walked all the way out to the end, and I felt like either Brenda Walsh or Marissa Cooper. It was tight.

It was here that I discovered Alan's fear of cold water. Cold water and hot beverages are his two least favorite things. He kept looking into the water with disgust, which I found pretty entertaining. We went back to the hotel (keep in mind, San Diego = not big) and watched the OC pilot with director's commentary. Riveting! ("Lock em up!" - it's gonna sweep the nation.) I swear, I really do have a life beyond The OC. I watch other tv shows too, and lots of movies (as evidenced by the fact that approximately 90% of our conversation that weekend consisted of some sort of pop culture reference).
Large, your mom died!
Stay classy, San Diego ;)

Alan's friends back in Santa Clara call him aproximately once every hour. Mom tended to the kids while I showered, then I heard back from Lauren Dellinger. We decided to go out to her apartment (again, in OB) and hang out, grab some dinner, and go out. We were joined by Sophia Buchanan (who knew?) ("We went to high school in VA, but I went to college in Colorado and grew up in California"). As we enjoyed our Rock Star & Vodkas,

Alan's friend Greg came over. When he walked in, I had a surreal moment when I realized - I know this guy! Alan's friend Greg was also Laura Mellis' friend Greg that visited Tunlaw a couple times. Crazy! Small world 4eva.

We eventually made our way out to Pacific Beach (PB). We settled on a little Italian place for pizza,

while Lauren called people to "find out where the party at."

"What's that from? Chuck will know!" We went to a party in PB, which was mostly populated with VA to CA transplants, then made our way out to Moondoggies, a bar in PB. Despite the many many drinks, Alan and I were both in that weird "I can't get drunk" state. We hung out a while, made a brief appearance at the Aussie Pub (very authentic), then made the trip back downtown (over the course of which, I ate a perfect apple).

A major fixture of our weekend was the history channel. We learned about many things (Tippecanoe & Tyler Too), but perhaps the best was about Gertrude (Trudy for short) and her swim across the English Channel. "Can you think of a worse name than Gertrude?" "Yes." "What?" "Cornelius." Seeing as how we were continuing on our path of having no agendas all weekend long and it being AWESOME, we once again set out to make a day for ourselves. We decided to go see Kingdom of Heaven after lunch at a little Mexican place downtown. Greggor joined us for the flick. Orlando was dreamy

and the movie was really good. Ridley Scott sure does know his way around an epic. I got carded for the Rated R movie. I've decided that I have no apparent age; I go from extremes like that (looking under 18) to other extremes (people asking Alan if we'd left the kids at home while we went on vacation). Before the movie, we took an adventure around a really weird but cool outdoor mall downtown (the interior mall area had no roof) looking for a pharmacy, as I was stuffy mcgruffy.

I'm not sure at what point of the trip, though I know it was far earlier than this, but the Rilo Kiley song "Portions for Foxes" became our theme song of the weekend. "Bad news" worked its way into about 55% of our sentences. Or derrivatives thereof (bad shoes).

After we all were able to recover from day dreaming about Orlando Bloom, we went out to OB again (it's really chill and beachy - and has sweet, sweet voltaire street) to meet Dianne and grab some margaritas by the beach. We had a great time hangin out, what with our Kidman/Cruise full circle effect. ("Did you read it in US Weekly, or People?") After a couple of rounds and some wings for good measure, we took a stroll on the beach.

The whole bonfire thing is really cool and should definitely be incorporated into east coast beaches. You really gotta love the straight forward nature of Little D. "I bought a house." "Why?" Can I interest you in a piece of Labron's Luscious Lightning Lemonade? Good, I'm glad we see eye to eye. Wicked! The previous statements were brought to you by inside jokes I didn't feel like putting the effort into prefacing, and the letter Q. Saturday was dwindling away into evening, so we took off to our various shelters to shower, nap and sup. Everybody was pretty beat by this point, so we had a really low key evening (once again, in OB). We heart cheap food and pitchers, so that was what we went for. And it was delicious. I went on an anti-Britney rant, and Dianne shared her 7th grade memory of me. We heard drunk guys stumbling out of a bar singing "Hide your love away" by the Beatles, which was refreshing, and exciting! Saturday night's fall asleep flick was Lean on Me..or Stand By Me...whichever one is about Morgan Freeman as a principal, not the one about River Phoenix and leeches.

Sunday was a sad day, the end of the road, the parting of ways. We were flying out of different terminals, so the Thrifty van was where we parted ways. We had a most excellent adventure in SoCal, and I can't wait to see Al pal again when he's home for his & Tyler's friend's wedding in a couple weeks. I'll leave you with these other inside jokes I didn't work into the actual post:

"You're gonna smother him!"*
Cheer up Charlie
iTrip stations*"Amanda & I have a place up on
First Ave"*the stupid channel 42 lady*banana or apple?*
or *"You bring out the weird in me. And I like it."*I'll give it a whirl*

I heart coke products*Internet!

And, just a couple of pics of scenic San Diego for good measure:


La Jolla:


Why I was there in the first place:

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Sunday, May 15, 2005

HFStival - 10 years later

Ten years after my first HFStival, Jenna, Liz and I decided it was time to embark on that sacred rite of passage again. I mean hey, if their younger siblings were doin it, why couldn't we? It was a glorious day for an outdoor event, sunny and warm but not too hot. Just perfect! I'm not hankerin for a long post right now, but let me put it to ya like this: Interpol rocks. Billy Idol is freakin incredible and must sleep in an anti-aging chamber. The rain makes things exciting. And Coldplay is glorious. Despite the fact that I can still barely walk, The 2005 festival was a good time and I'm glad we made the trek up to Baltimore.

Friday, May 13, 2005


The OC Prom - the Under the O. Sea dance (anybody else remember the Enchantment Under the Sea dance from Back to the Future?) - was just great. Extremely high levels of delicious Newport drama, but most importantly, our favorite couples resolved the ever-present issues. Sure, there was other huge stuff (which I'll refrain from spilling bc. people get mad when I write stuff that happens and they haven't seen it yet), but I'll just leave you with this picture. Didn't our ladies look lovely at prom? Awesomeness of awesomenesses, they played what's possibly my favorite song right now - "There's Nothing Like You & I" by the Perishers, and Phoenix at prom! I'm not even gonna touch the whole George Lucas thing.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Don't Speak

Stacy Helbing is hilarious; she sent me an email asking "How'd your picture get in the internet again?" The picture the email contained was this:

Anyone who's been lucky enough to see my Gwen Stephanie impersonation knows that it's...exactly that picture. Well done Stace :)